Yes You Can With T-Tapp Seminar

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$ 10.00
Yes You Can With T-Tapp Seminar

Yes You Can With T-Tapp Seminar
90 minutes

T-Tapp is about education and this seminar covers it all! The Yes You Can With T-Tapp Seminar is excellent to show someone that is new to T-Tapp. This motivational seminar empowers all to take action and realize that it is never too late to help your body help itself rebuild better health, wellness and fitness with T-Tapp.

The Yes You Can With T-Tapp Seminar covers the following topics, plus more:

  • How and why Teresa created the workout that WORKS regardless of age and fitness level!
  • How T-Tapp helps balance left/right brain cognitive processing, increases bone density without weights, balances hormones, improves lymphatic function without jumping, helps back pain go away within days, and helps control and/or reverse Type II Diabetes.
  • Learn the 3-minute move that helps balance hormones and drop blood sugar 58-62 points - Hoe Downs!
  • Learn how to correct knee, hip and lower back problems even when not exercising, burn "back fat" throughout the day, increase heart rate/cardiac health without jumping and "spot reduce" target areas of concern (arms, torso, back fat, stomach, thighs, knees, inner core balance). Others may say you can't but, with T-Tapp, YES YOU CAN!
  • How to apply T-Tapp techniques with daily activity.

Also includes live testimonials from our T-Tapp success stories of Diane Stone, Berei Brandenstein and Jennifer Decker.

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