WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener Spray

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WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener Spray

WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener Spray
2 oz

WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener helps to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Reverse nicotine, coffee, tea and red wine stains within 1 week just by spraying 2 times a day. Use what the models use to keep their teeth white without any sensitivity. This convenient purse size teeth whitener works to remove external tooth discoloration and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. All while killing germs on contact... a plus during the cold and flu season. Safe for veneers, braces, partials, dentures and bonding, plus does not remove tooth enamel! WhiteBrite contains Carbopol - a secret ingredient that protects your gums so they don't become inflamed or sensitive to cold or heat like other teeth whitening products.

Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide, Peppermint Oil, Stevia, Purified Water and Carbopol

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