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Want to know all the secrets to getting incredible results with T-Tapp??

Here’s the first one C O N S I S T E N C Y ! !  
How do you maintain consistency?  By coming to bi-weekly classes and committing to apply what you’ve learned in your time between classes.

Here’s is another secret:  You don’t have to have “perfect” form!! But the more you learn and practice, the better your form will get. When your form improves, so do your results!  

As a Master T-Tapp Trainer, I am aware of the tweaks needed to get you into good form for optimum results. Let’s have fun while we work toward your goals!! Who says exercise has to be Painful!!

This class is geared for those who have done at least 6 weeks of The Basic Workout.  Come and join those already working on their form or fine tune what you already have going. There will be variety in the workouts that are both standing and on the floor.


January Class Schedule:  January 7 - 31, 2019

TIME:   8:30 – 9:45  Monday Morning  

   8:30 – 9:45 Thursday Morning

LOCATION: Laguna Hills, CA (address given with registration)

T-Tapp Trainer:  Gail Fellers, Master T-Tapp Trainer, CFT, RN

Contact: Gail Fellers. Email me at gail@t-tapp.com for any questions.

PRICES:    $35 for one class

       $200 for 8 classes in advance*

What to wear and bring:  Dress in comfortable workout clothes and cross trainer shoes. Please bring a bottle of water, towel and paper if you are a note taker. 

*Cancellation Policy:  These classes are on-going each month. Although refunds are not offered, the opportunity to make up a class in the following month will be allowed at the instructor’s discretion. For optimum results, you are encouraged to attend the 8 classes consecutively.

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