Video Form Intensive 6 week Course 1 - Renee McLaughlin

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Video Form Intensive 6 week Course 1 - Renee McLaughlin

At home Video Form Intensive 6 week Course with Master Trainer Renee McLaughlin and T-Tapp Trainer Tiffany Alvord… It’s More than a clinic!

Clinics are great!  You learn so much by going to a clinic and working with a Trainer!  But what if you can’t get to a clinic and/or you don’t have a Trainer near you?  You can work with a Trainer via the internet and again…these sessions are incredibly helpful.  But how much information can you retain from each personal session you have? 

How would you like to have a personalized “clinic” you could watch wherever you have internet access and that clinic breaks down each move in the 15 minute workout super slowly and in detail so you could watch many times to really absorb not only the “how to do the move”, but also the “why(s)” behind the moves? 

No more guessing if you are doing it “right”!  You will finally know!!!!

Join Master T-Tapp Trainer Renee McLaughlin and her daughter T-Tapp Trainer Tiffany for a 6 week  form intensive course. This intensive will take you on a “tips journey” through all the moves from Basic Workout Plus and Senior Fit with a few Total and Ladybug tips thrown in for good measure.

Everything you have wanted to know about these movements you will find out in this one of a kind video form intensive! 

Fair warning:  You WILL learn all the “ins and outs” of each of these moves, along with the modifications for each different workout you do! 

The intensive will take place online and will utilize in depth video instruction. There is also a Facebook support group for those going through the intensive so that you never have to wait for a question to be answered. And you never know who might just show up in the group…

This form intensive was designed so you could focus on one to two moves each week. We want to make sure you actually watch the videos and get the most out of each one.  As you know…improve your form and your results WILL soar!!! 

We know how overwhelming it can be to get a video course, get access to everything all at once and then paralyze because it’s just too much!  To make sure this doesn’t happen to you…

We will be emailing the videos according to the schedule below.  This way you can focus on one to three shorter videos (just a move or two) each week.  By having a weekly focus during the 60 Day Challenge, each week will be building on the other and you can end the Challenge with a fantastic result!

The Form Intensive schedule is as follows:

  • Week 1: The Stance, Kick Outs, Primary Back Stretch and Arm Pumps- It’s easy to think the stance and kick outs are just “there to pump lymph” but they don’t really count towards losing inches. We’d say “think again” but instead we’ll say…”Wait until you really learn how to use these moves to super charge the whole workout.  Learn all the ways to increase the heat with all the different variations of PBS and arm pumps.  Arm pumps are intense and most of us “weenie out” when we are doing them because we don’t really understand the importance of palms together and elbows in.  Wait until you experience this!!!! 
  • Week 2: Plies! Are you ready to lose inches in your hips, thigh and butt?  It doesn’t matter which workout you are doing, if you lose your form during plies you won’t get the best slimming results.  But when you do…AND then add the upper body work with alignment AND “ribs up” activation, that’s when you’ll see your thighs slim on down.  I’ve watched women actually melt away their side saddles but learning these tweaks.
  • Week 3: Reach Scoop and Jazz Twist! If you are looking to slim down your torso, you have to learn the secrets to working all those muscles that help us stretch and turn our spine.  That requires you to slow down and learn how to actually cinch in and up.  Here’s where you will understand when you are asked if you “feel the heat?”!!!  When done right…the sweat will pour off you.
  • Week 4: The Box and Oil Wells – You can’t work muscles the brain isn’t connected to. The Box will help you connect to those ab muscles and then work them like no other move.  When you are doing them with great form…you will also watch your arms tighten up. 
  • Week 5: T-Tapp Twist – learn how to do the hardest move in the workout AND the one that will give you the best ab cinching results. Learn all the modifications for each workout!!!
  • Week 6: Hoe Downs and Tiff and Renee’s favorite T-Tapp Product Tips – We know! You think you are doing the hoes downs “right” because you can now do it and get the arm/leg coordination.  We applaud you!  That is awesome.  AND now you get to “fine tune” your hoe downs.  Did you know there are certain ways to do the hoe downs to trim side saddles and a variation if you are more concerned with trimming torso????  YEP!  We’ll show you how to do it both ways. 


We also go over our years of experience using and recommending many of the T-Tapp exclusive products. NOT to sell them to you.  But so you can understand what they are and why they are in the line.  How to use them to get the best results possible from this whole health system of movement!

Now that might not sound like a lot but over the course of the six weeks you will get close to 4 hours worth of video form tips.

Bet you didn’t think there was that much to know about your favorite 15 minute workout huh?

How long do you have access to all the videos?

We know sometimes life just gets in the way of our best laid plans. That’s why we’re giving you lifetime access to the videos and information in the form intensive. You don’t have to stress about missing a single tip.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “This is amazing but what’s it going to cost?”   The Form Intensive is like having 4 hours of intense one-on-one personal training which would cost around $300 easily and once the sessions were over, you would have to rely on your memory for tip reminders. 

But we really want as many people to get the benefit of this course so…..

We are discounting it to just (drum roll please)… $99!

Maybe you think you already know all the moves so you don’t really think it would be helpful??  Guess what? Many of our top T-Tapp Trainers took this course and learned so much from it they have asked that it be part of every Trainer in Trainings mentoring program.  That’s powerful!

If you would like to move on to the next step and want to include the Second Course, we also have that option!  Take both courses for $198!  

Here are some of their Facebook posts…

“The Box was my first experience with leverage isometrics. Now I see them in so many moves! Great teaching job, ladies!! Keep it coming! i'm still taking notes and reviewing all of them. I'm using many of your hints in my classes!”

“I have finally finished all my note taking on the videos; they were very helpful to me. I hope to watch them all at least one more time before they go away. I also got a lot out of the product videos, even though I own most of them.

“This course should be required for all Trainers in training!  Great course.  Learned soooo much”

“This course was a huge reason I passed my certification the first time in record time.” 


Sign up now so you can get the added benefit of these great form tips along with a support group to help you get even more from your workout. 

We will be posting motivation tips, along with more form videos all through the week.  We want to make sure you get everything you need to ROCK this course and get the best results possible! 


Want even better results? 

It’s one thing to watch and work through all the form tips.  It’s a whole different animal to actually know you are putting them all into action in the best way for YOU!

Choose one of Renee’s online training packages so that you can the MOST out of the form tips and make sure you are putting those moves into your body to get the most out of them. 

Success leaves clues…every year over half the 60 Day Challenge winners worked with a Trainer.  Even though I’ve been teaching T-Tapp for over 18 years, I still love to train with Teresa.  Why?  Because Teresa can see what I can’t see in my own body.  The same is true for all of you. 

This is why I’m offering some “kick bootie” packages for those of you who commit to yourself by investing in this course. 

Form Intensive Package options:

  • Bronze – Just the Online Form Intensive for $99
  • Silver – Online Form Intensive with One 50 minute online personal training Session for $174
  • Gold – Online Form Intensive with Two 50 minute online personal training Sessions for $229
  • Platinum – Online Form Intensive with Three 50 minute online personal Sessions for just $279

***These sessions must be used within 2 months of enrolling in the course. 

You can use these sessions to work on your T-Tapp.  You can also use them to work with Renee on designing a complete game plan (customizing the 5 pillars of health that will enable you to create the body you desire) to help you get the body you desire.  Email Renee for more details!! 


If you have any questions about the Form Intensive you can email Renee at



Not only will you get all the videos, notes on the videos, support emails and private Facebook group, you will also receive the Transcript of every video!!!!!  We are really excited to be able to offer this to you. 


Check out what others who have already taken this Course had to say about it

These are taken right from our Facebook group…

“This week I have started going through the videos with a fine tooth comb, and writing every little detail down! There is so much fantastic information that I am going to have an entire notebook filled up by the time the class is over!!! Loving it!!!”

“Renee and Tiffany are going to need an addiction recovery program for those of us entrenched in instructionals as we transition. 

“LOVED the tutorials today! Renee and Tiffany I love the mother daughter synergistic energy you share each time we do these. Fun! Great workout. I'm so excited because oil wells always have been a move that stumps me. When I was at the mini-retreat, I felt activation in places I didn't know existed so this is one I've been looking forward to since doing it at home didn't feel quite the same. Your explanation was excellent. Seeing the side view as I did it in the mirror was just what I needed. Perfect! I love the consistent feeling of activation I'm getting. Wow! You girls keep delivering. Thank you! Perfect video length. Love Love Love! “

“I have just done all the vids for wk 1-3 in one go and am impatiently waiting for wk 4 vids. Somebody mentioned this course should be a must for all trainers in training. Cannot agree more”

“I did LB after just a few days of SF. That was a BRAND NEW workout for me! Incredible. Actually, after all this coaching with you and the retreat. all the moves are not the way they used to be before”

“There is well thought out brilliance behind every placement/timing of these videos. How can I express this?! Saturday is usually my "It's the end of the week and I'm just going to get something done" day if I'm being honest. With these videos being released on Saturday, they have supercharged my end of the week with excitement. And you thought I was enthusiastic before.”

“I am amazed at how I feel like I've done an aerobic workout after a few minutes of T-Tapp.”

“Quite the videos!!! They really take you up a notch.”

“So tempted to do a T-Tapp marathon tomorrow and go through these amazing videos again. I'm actually so excited I can't sleep. LOL Is anyone else going from the beginning through them again this week? How are you breaking them up? I'm more mindful of my feet placement now but still need work. The videos are such a great workout too. My stomach still feels the box from Saturday!”

“I am recovering from severe adrenal fatigue, and Chronic fatigue from Epstein-Barr Virus. My progress over the last year has been s-l-o-w going. I was feeling a bit discouraged because I haven't really noticed much change in the way my clothes fit. Yesterday I decided to take pictures to hopefully get some encouragement! Boy am I HAPPY that I did!!! I have lost a grand total of FOUR pounds since the beginning of the challenge! The power of T-tapp!!! Thank you Renee and Tiffany for your awesome class!!!! 😊 I am loving it! ❤

“Best money I've ever spent Renee and Tiffany.” 

“These form tips are really taking things up a notch. Today, I was really sweating during HHMM. I can't remember the last time I sweat (sweated?) during a workout!”

“Renee McLaughlin,  you are the great motivator! I did Sr Fit Tempo for the first time since last summer, and it felt so good, especially with the tweaks I've learned from the videos. Man that got my endorphins going! I feel like a million bucks!”

“ I love your tips and adore the mother daughter dynamic”

Thanks for all your encouragement. I'm enjoying learning these little things to add to my day & working on my form.

I just wanted to say thanks to Renee McLaughlin for the best Skype session ever (!) yesterday. You are are so inspiring and I can't believe how the little tweaks make such a huge difference. Thank you!

And now for the one that cracked me up the most!  She won in her category during the 2016 60 day challenge after having taken the course:

Over the last couple weeks I have been in indebted wonderment! I have to both thank you and sincerely apologize! How in the world did I think I didn't learn much from the Form Intensive?!?! I do hope you will forgive me. I have been sequestering myself (from all the family craziness ) and re-watching/listening/applying any new details as carefully as possible. The result is deep appreciation and awe at the entire course! It is everything I wished I had when I started T-Tapp and pored over the book every free minute. I'm not sure what caused my opinion to change- it's the first time I ever wondered if I have an evil twin who watched instead of me!!! Was is the substantial stress at the time...?!... or that the more I put each new tip into practice, the other so-called "familiar" aspects became even more profound? (Does that even make sense?) Also, just as I continue to notice something new when listening to my "usual" T-Tapp workouts, the same must have happened with your course. 

Anyway, I could do a crazy-happy Hoe-Down dance with glee.What an INVALUABLE course and I am **SO** glad I got the chance to do it. BIG HUG from one very satisfied client.  I will unhesitatingly recommend this course to anyone I know who is starting T-Tapp. (It is only available at certain times, right?)

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