Vicki’s Virtual T-Tapp Training Via Skype - August - September 2017 - Vicki Drobnis

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$ 70.00
Vicki’s Virtual T-Tapp Training Via Skype - August - September 2017 - Vicki Drobnis

Workout with me virtually in your own home!

With work, kids, school, life....sometimes you just can't make it out of the house to keep your body in that healthy condition you want.  With today’s technology you can workout with me – a T-Tapp Master Trainer – without ever leaving your house.  As long as you have a good Internet connection, you and I can get together and make sure you get the maximum benefit from the best workout on the planet – T-Tapp!

Maximize your results while minimizing your body!  Get the most out of T-Tapp by being aware of the movements and how best to make them work for YOUR body. Having form checkups is the way to ensure you achieve the goals you desire in the least amount of time. 

Choose from three SAT (Sculpt and Tone) options:

Solo SAT:                    1 session         $70 (Expires 2 weeks after purchase)

T-Tapp Trio:                3 sessions       $195 (Save: $5 per session for a $15 savings!

                                                              Expires 1 month after purchase)

Get Your 6-Pack:        6 sessions       $360 (Save: $10 per session for a $60 savings!

                                                              Expires 2 months after purchase)

Sessions are one hour long.

What you will need:  Skype account (FREE - get connected at, webcam with microphone (most newer laptops have them built-in now), form-fitting workout clothes (so I can see your form clearly), supportive athletic shoes, plenty of water, towel, and a notebook and pen. 

After registration I will contact you with further details.

RECOMMENDED!  If you are new to Skype, I highly recommend you “practice” Skype with a friend before your scheduled session or we can do a test call to discuss the details of your upcoming sessions instead of just over the phone.  :)

Cancellation Policy:  There is no “change fee” up to 24 hours prior to scheduled session. Under 24 hours or same day change or “no show” is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Read what Vicki’s clients are saying about her training:

“I’m thrilled with the results! In four short weeks, I’ve been able to tighten my belt two notches and my energy level has greatly improved. My blood pressure has also been reduced by about 10 points. As a Chiropractic Physician, I’m particularly amazed that the occasional upper back/neck pain that I used to experience is gone.  I’ve reviewed and tried other work out techniques in the past, but T-Tapp is definitely at the top of my list – it’s simple, affordable, effective, and doesn’t require expensive equipment. I’d recommend T-Tapp and your training services to anyone – thanks again!” ~ Dr. Scott B., M.A., D.C.

“I broke through a barrier my last session with you. I had new understanding and comprehension of techniques. You have a great personality: strong and direct and personable.  You are a huge part of my being compliant and having support and enthusiasm.” ~ Danielle

 “Trust me, even if you think you are in great shape, this will take your workouts to a whole new level!!” ~ Dr. Scott J., D.C.

“Both Tony and I enjoyed the Clinic.  We measured on Friday before the Clinic and again this morning with amazing results!  Tony lost 7¼ inches mostly in his waist, abs, and hips.  I lost 12¼ inches – mostly in pecs, waist, abs, and hips.  I lost all over which is great!” ~ Tammy

“I lost 5.5 inches in my hips, abdomen, upper thighs, bust, and on my right calf which is good as that is my swollen leg. Plus I liked the small group. It was very friendly and a safe environment.” ~ Cheryl

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