Tempo 2

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$ 19.95
Tempo 2

Tempo 2
2 Workouts

This DVD features two workouts for the price of one: Tempo 8 and Tempo 10:
1. Tempo 8 (49 minutes) is the Total Workout done without any instruction at a smooth, steady pace. This workout is a bit more challenging than the Total Workout Beginner/Rehabilitation Level, even though repetitions remain at 8, Teresa takes the form up to the next level. Tempo 8 is a great workout for all fitness levels!

2. Tempo 10 (58 minutes) is the Total Workout with 10 repetitions done at a smooth, steady pace without instruction, which enables the ability to hold isometric isolation for better form and also increases cardio output. This workout includes form tips for maximizing results with all T-Tapp workouts.

*It is recommended that you are familiar with the Total Workout to purchase this item.

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