Target Pop 4 with Extra Fascia Stretches (23 min) - Download

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Target Pop 4 with Extra Fascia Stretches (23 min) - Download

If you loved Target Pop 3 with those three great sculpting moves, get ready for Target Pop 4!  You will get four short, targeted workouts that will have you melting away the inches and feeling "fit and fabulous!”

Part 1 - Body Shaping – Teresa created this 5-minute stepping workout to trim your side saddles and tighten up the derriere! 

Part 2 - Foot Stretching – This 8-minute workout is designed to stretch the fascia and strengthen the whole lower body.  Did you realize 45% of all adult injuries are ankle related?  Teresa always taught the importance of foot fitness to our general health and when you are working the feet, you are also strengthening your ankles.  In this workout, the focus is on foot fitness, but you'll see that, as always, these moves are full body.  You will love the way your feet feel after this short segment. 

Part 3 - Organs in Place and Half Frogs – In this 5-minute workout, Teresa teaches her famous "organs in place" and Half Frog sit ups, but she kicks it up a notch with extra focus on form and fascia. You will lose extra inches in the lower belly and sculpt your hips and tushie. You won't want to miss this.  

Part 4 - Awesome Legs - Yes YOU Can! – This 3-minute workout is pure Teresa!  She is sharing all her secrets for getting the most out of Awesome Legs.  She includes things to do with your hands and feet to get extra muscle activation and fascia stretch, which we all know increases results.  This move really trims your thighs!!!

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