T-Tapp Broom

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$ 24.95
T-Tapp Broom

T-Tapp Broom
105 minutes

T-Tapp Broom was filmed at a Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat, is a total body indoor walking workout that incorporates a household broom to stimulate high end muscle activation for better results. T-Tapp Broom is more than just a workout; it’s like being at a clinic working out with Teresa Tapp herself. Warning: Muscles may quiver as you sweep away those inches! We recommend using a household broom or broomstick for this workout.

This DVD contains multiple sections:
Warm Up Section:
• T-Tapp More #1 Warm Up: 34:23
• T-Tapp Broom Warm Up: 19:45
• Instructional Walking Workout with Broom: 6:59

Workout Section:
• Broom Walking Workout #1: 15:11
• Broom Walking Workout #2: 28:43

Complete Routine:
• Complete Routine - Start to Finish: 1:05:05

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