Step Away Those Pesky Inches with Renee

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$ 70.00
Step Away Those Pesky Inches with Renee

MORE Inches Lost!

MORE Calories Burned!

MORE Aches and Pains Reduced!

MORE Brain to Body Connected!


All In LESS Time With LESS Effort!

Let's Step Away Those Pesky Inches!!!!!


Do you love the Step Away The Inches workouts?  Looking for more?  More variety? More walking classes to enjoy using the same great T-Tapp techniques with the same great results?

I love to walk!  I love doing walking workouts.  They are fun, “do-able” and most of all…super effective at melting away those extra pesky inches.

That’s why I put together this package of 14 different recorded walking workouts just for YOU!

Why 14???

Just in case you want to use these classes for a 14 Day Boot Camp!  Start with the first one and work your way through them doing 1 a day for 14 days.

I have a feeling you will enjoy doing them so much…you’ll be happy to continue with your every other day (or even 5 -6 times a week) just because they feel so good. 


What do you get?

60 day access to 14 different walking workouts.  They vary in length from a great 17 minute “get er done” workout to 46 minutes and every where in between. BTW...there are even 2 classes using the Broom!



If you paid $10 per class for each of these classes, it would be $140!  Now don’t panic…it’s not that much for YOU!  Because we are beginning the year and I want YOU to start off strong…it’s just $70! 


Let’s Step Away those pesky inches together! 


Questions?  You can either call Renee at 678-522-8056 or email me at

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