Skype with Summer - Get a Personal Trainer at Home! July 2017

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$ 25.00
Skype with Summer - Get a Personal Trainer at Home!  July 2017

Skype with Summer-Get a Personal Trainer at Home!

T-Tapp is a phenomenal workout that really does work for all age and fitness levels.  Benefits include, long lean muscles, a recharged metabolism that torches fat, a cleansed lymphatic system, stronger bones, youthful posture, and balanced healthy hormones.  It starts working immediately, building a better body from the inside out.

T-tapp will take you where you are and empower you with results you can see and feel.  Unlike traditional exercise methods that call for an endless demand of more resistance and longer cardio sessions, your results per workout with T-tapp continually increase, without adding time and repetitions.  The secret to this is learning how to maximize your muscle activation and alignment.   That is why form is so important and less really is more the T-tapp way.

Small tweaks to your form will give big results!   Each session is customized to meet your needs and get your questions answered.  Ultimately, giving your body the tools it needs to optimize your results and make your goals a reality. 


Are you looking to?

  • Learn how to T-tapp and where to start
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to create better form and proper alignment so those results keep coming
  • Get cues and tips individualized for you
  • Find new motivation and a support system
  • Create a workout plan tailored to your body’s needs at a pace that you can stick to
  • Get your questions answered
  • Receive live personal feedback from a certified Trainer
  • Make sure you are doing it right
  • Achieve results you can see feel


Once you select your option, please call me so we can get acquainted and set up a plan to make the most out of your sessions.  Each session will require a good internet connection and a webcam so we can skype. During the session wear fitted clothes so I can see your form.  You will also need supportive tennis shoes, and a bottle of water.  Have a pen and paper handy for notes.


Trainer:  Summer Willig

Phone: 972.533.7094


I have been certified through ACE as a Personal Trainer since August of 2013 a T-Tapper since 2010 and a T-Tapp Trainer since  August of 2014.  I am passionate about T-Tapp and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.



Each session lasts an hour:

1 Session     $41.00        Regular  Price  $45.00

2 Sessions    $75.00       Regular Price  $85.00

3 Sessions   $109.00      Regular Price  $125.00

4 Sessions   $135.00      Regular Price  $155.00


Each session lasts 30 minutes:

1 Session   $25.00          Regular Price  $29.00

2 Sessions $47.00          Regular Price  $58.00

3 Sessions $69.00         Regular Price  $82.00

4 Sessions $89.00        Regular Price  $102.00

All prices are good for July 2017. I also include a discount on all T-Tapp products.

Cancellation Policy:

All sessions must be used within three months of purchase, unless we make an agreement beforehand.    If you need to reschedule the session, there is no cancellation fee for up to 24 hours from the session.  After that, the money is non-refundable.

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