Skin Saver Body

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$ 29.95
Skin Saver Body

Skin Saver Body
4 oz

Skin Saver Series: Repair, Renew and Rejuvenate Skin Naturally

Skin Saver Body is a proprietary blend of pure, homeopathic-quality essential oils blended in synergistic proportion specific to development of skin elasticity. These precious oils are so intense they deliver visible results within days of application.

Ingredients: Skin Saver Soultion (Fruit, Cypress, Mandarin Orange, Rose Wood, Lemon, Frankenscense, and German Chamomile) in a base of high quality almond oil.

Apply Skin Saver Body to moist skin after shower or bath. Use in place of a moisturizer and apply daily for smooth, silky skin.

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