Posture Power Walk Lifetime Replacement Insurance

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$ 4.49
T-Tapp Lifetime Replacement Insurance Policy

T-Tapp offers an optional Lifetime Replacement Policy on DVDs and VHS tapes for an additional charge.  This policy is designed to give you an option to obtain replacements for damaged or worn DVDs or VHS tapes.

Lifetime Replacement does not cover lost DVDs or VHS tapes. Replacements for lost DVDs and VHS tapes can be purchased through T-Tapp Customer Service at a discount.

You are required to pay shipping (and handling, if applicable) for the replacement item and the damaged item must be returned before a replacement is shipped.

Exchange from VHS to DVD is allowed if the VHS tape is damaged. If you do not wish to purchase Lifetime Replacement Insurance, T-Tapp DVDs and VHS tapes are always available to purchase at retail cost online or through our Customer Service number.

The Lifetime Replacement Policy only applies for personal, non-commercial use and is non-transferable. The Lifetime Replacement Policy will not apply for any damages caused by abusive, negligent, illegal or unauthorized activities.

Customers found to be in abuse of the Lifetime Replacement Policy may have their policy revoked. Policy and prices subject to change without notice.

T-Tapp will substitute with a comparable product if the item you are replacing is no longer available.

You have 60 days from the date of your original purchase to buy Lifetime Replacement Insurance for that DVD or VHS tape. 

Lifetime Replacement Insurance must be purchased separately for free bonus items included in packages.  For example, the November 2009 bonus for the Total Workout includes the Total Workout Super Slow DVD free. To cover all those products, purchase the Total Workout Insurance and the Total Workout Super Slow Insurance.