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Posture Power Bundle

Posture Power SCULPT is much more than an effective body sculpting workout   Although its special sequence of exercises is designed to maximize muscle activation, lymphatic health and fascia fitness for faster inch loss, its primary principle is to rebuild fitness and function (strength, flexibility, healthy hormones and heart), decrease inflammation, increase energy and improve posture, as well as bone density.  All of which are vital for your body to remain Vibrant, regardless of age. This workout, along with Posture Power WALK, quickly empowers your body to look, feel and function better so that you can become more Vibrant and Ageless for the rest of your life. 

Primary Principles - 6 minutes

Body Sculpt Workout - 53 minutes

Broom 2 - 13 m

Posture Power Walk  - 2 Walking Workouts by T-Tapp 

27 Minutes and 15 Minutes

In addition to two indoor walking workouts, Posture Power Walk also teaches how to create T-Tapp Method anytime you walk to improve inch loss and weight loss.

Each workout involves full fiber activation of multiple muscles with extra focus on body alignment to maximize development of muscles with density and the power to sculpt inches away from head-to-toe, as well as turbo charge your body's ability to burn fat.

Each workout is progressive.  As your muscles get stronger and your ability to maintain posture while you walk improves, each workout will become more challenging.

Cardio and Core? Yes You Can with T-Tapp!

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