Posture, Breathing, & Full Body Assessment with Core Exercise Correction Specialist Linda Osmond

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Posture, Breathing, & Full Body Assessment with Core Exercise Correction Specialist Linda Osmond

I am making this special offer to celebrate my recent certification as a Core Correction Exercise Specialist!   (Note:  Any holiday purchases will be scheduled after the beginning of the new year.)

This new information pertains especially to posture, the core, pelvic floor, breathing, and the related areas and workings of your body that can be affected by these, which include the neck, chest, spine, hips, legs, feet, and on and on the list goes.  This certification also specifically addresses postpartum concerns, as well as some amazing pregnancy information and even preparation for birthing strategies. It was extensive, very scientifically based and supported, and taught by a PhD in Physical Therapy with a long list of credentials.  But, enough about that…

Ever wondered what ‘optimal posture’ was?  Or what ‘correct breathing’ looks or feels like? Or do you wonder what is happening in your body when things aren’t working as they should?  And do you wish that someone could just take a look at what is going on to help you understand how to optimize your output, functionality, and results, or understand how to possibly reduce pain or increase range of motion?

Here is your opportunity to understand better how YOUR own body is working (or not)!

What is included in this package, and what will I learn?

You will be given some physical functional movements to perform for a single-session evaluation. It is important to understand that I will not be diagnosing, treating, or curing any physical conditions.  I will be assessing your function to give you pertinent feedback and information that can help you to better understand your own body and to move you in the right direction towards optimization.

Your current breathing style will be evaluated and, you will receive instruction on optimal breathing patterns.  You would be amazed how much this can affect the function of your physical body!

You will also have the option of evaluating yourself for Diastasis Recti in various ways.  If you don’t know what that is, no worries. It will be explained to you.

What will be required of me?

You will need audio and video capabilities online.  I will provide the platform. Quality video will be important, in order for me to see what is going on with your body.

The complete format of our interaction is not fully determined and might be dependent upon each participant.  It could be a hybrid of a live evaluation session along with some required photos and/or video submissions. Or it might all take place in a live session, if enough data is obtained that way.

Be prepared to show some skin in the core area or to take photos with the requested information.  Otherwise, clothing that shows your form should be sufficient for the evaluation.

You might also be asked to give feedback at certain points about what you are feeling within your body during certain movements.  This will accompany my personal observations for your final assessment.

Will I be given suggested corrective exercises from my evaluation?

You might be.  The assessment is the beginning of the process of understanding your current status and how to optimize your body’s function.  Some movement information might be given to you to get you started. If you desire a more in-depth one-on-one coaching experience with greater detail, you will have an option to get that from me, as I offer various health and fitness services, as well as T-Tapp training.

What do I do after I purchase this package?

Please email me at with the confirmation email you receive (forwarded). I will then direct you towards scheduling. Purchases must be claimed and used within 3 months, unless otherwise noted.  Holiday purchases will be on hold until the beginning of the new year when scheduling resumes.

What practical benefits have been experienced from optimizing physical function with corrective exercises?

I will answer this question from my own experience.  As a Master T-Tapp Trainer who is VERY in-tune with my body, I was shocked with what I discovered and personally experienced as a result of going through this new certification, applying what I learned.  Below is a blog post I wrote about it:

I've learned to expect the unexpected. As I worked my way this past year through yet another certification program,(PCES), Core Correction Exercise for everyone (also focuses on related postpartum & pregnancy concerns) with Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, this rang so true for me - a thankful and truly changed course grad.

If you understand that everything is connected to everything else, you'll get the significance of some of these seemingly minor ah-ha's mixed in with the major life overhauls. Being both a fitness trainer, as well as functional health coach, for a number of years, and having great in-tuneness with my own body, some of these changes were quite surprising and unexpected! I'll list them from the ground up, from "least" to "greatest," if there was such a thing.

1) Realization that I curl my toes under on one foot, especially when it's cold (as I am generally barefoot). This explains the weird toenail stuff I see on specific toes, but the feet affect a lot more than you'd think. They are the foundation of fitness. This I knew.

2) The first biggie: My breathing was pretty messed up! Now this REALLY affects EVERYTHING. Give me a few hours, and I can explain more. But trust me, it does!

3) As I began breathing properly (which engages all the core, hip-related, and pelvic muscles and fascia)...and this took months to establish without thinking about it, guess what happened?

4) I started to realize that I was clenching and tucking and putting my spine into a posterior pelvic tilt OFTEN, which needed to be addressed, and it was, in a big way, with proper breathing techniques. Stress was a contributing factor, too, but I will address that more in a little bit.

5) I also recognized that when I was in a really bad way emotionally (not often, but enough to be memorable), I could get a very deep back/pelvic pain that could not be reached or resolved. I chalked it up to adrenal issues (and that can happen), but this was like my inner tailbone was aching beyond belief. I now connect it to tight pelvic floor muscles from the improper breathing and lack of the proper lumbar spinal curve described above. So, as I corrected my breathing and pelvic position...

6) I started activating muscles and tissues that weren't being used efficiently and effectively before. And this began an intense detox process that I didn't expect! It started first with a physical detox which included more heavy metals being nemesis (from my genes and life circumstances). But more detoxification equates to a freer body over time.

7) The next stage was even MORE UNEXPECTED and pretty intense: Emotional detox from more layers of trauma stored in my body in the core area. I've worked intensely (with God) spiritually addressing personal trauma for decades and thought I was kind of in a good place with that, BUT my body knew otherwise. Did you know that your brain stores your emotional trauma addresses, but your body houses the actual trauma? Wild, but proven to be true. Kind of how a computer works. (I used to be a programmer back in the day.)

8) Somewhere in the mix, I also realized that I had, at least at some points, been clenching and/or grinding my teeth at night. I even had to have my dentist fix a couple of my teeth several times, as I had cracked my back molar and chipped another. But guess what? It stopped!!! Believe it or not, there are actually connections between jaw clenching and this long list of other things I've explained, including the core and pelvic floor. Go figure!

9) I feel like I'm missing some other key points in my journey, but suffice it to say that I would highly recommend getting to know your own body better, learning how it is functioning (or not) and how it could be functioning more optimally, and why it even matters. And it really does - for greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health and freedom!

10) Oh, I remembered one more interesting to note. I've had internal hemorrhoids for over 30 years (doctor alerted me after birthing my first child). Those are completely gone or inactive or whatever. I am very thankful to God for directing me to obtain this new certification. He obviously knew that I needed the information for me, first! It's been work, but it's worth it.

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