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Online Form Intensive - Course 2 - Renee McLaughlin

You completed and conquered the first Form Intensive Course!  Congratulations!!!!  YOU did it!!! 


You can see how T-Tapp isn’t just a “workout”.  It’s a complete system that works your body from the inside out.  We like to call it a “method of movement”! 


Once you embody this method of movement, you can then apply it to all your daily activities. 


Are you ready to take all those tips and tweaks and apply them to the second part of the Total Workout? 


We took the feedback you gave us from the first Course and used it to create this second course.  You asked if you could see what the move should look like first and then have us teach it.  You also wanted time to do the move(s) with us.


Ask and ye shall receive!!!


That is exactly how we structured this course.  In addition to all the instructional videos, you will have a video for each sequence where we will all be working out together.  This will help you integrate what you have learned throughout the course.


If you’ve never done the second part of Total Workout and you are wondering if it’s “worth” getting this course, let me share with you I hadn’t been doing many of these moves for a few years now. 


NOT because I don’t adore them or think they are super fat blasters. 


It’s because I’ve been teaching mostly Senior Fit and Brain/Body Fitness workouts so there really wasn’t much time to include the moves from Total in my workout routine. 


But because I was training to do this course (YES…I did train to teach this course for you because I wanted it to really give you everything you need to succeed), I began doing them all consistently!


You know how Total Workout is called “beginning/rehab”?  Who are she kidding????  This is NO BEGINNER/REHAB workout.  Not when we sloooowww everything way down and incorporate muscle activation in every move!!!


The second part of Total is – shall we just say…challenging!  But when you have been doing the other workouts and you are ready to jump start your results again…this second part of Total is your new bestie!


One of the big reasons I won the 60 Day Challenge in the T-Tapp Trainer category (talk about some tough competition!!!) was because I was doing this workout.  There’s a clue here…it WORKS!!!!

So what moves are included and how does it all break down by week?  Glad you asked!


 (By the way…Week 6 has all the bonus videos.  Wait to see what we’ve included there)


When you first say “HECK YES I want this course” and you enroll, you will get the link and password for the Welcome and Review videos. 


We’ve included a wonderful short stretch routine you can use to loosen up your body before you start all the heavy activation moves. The Ladies in my classes and I love doing this routine because it feels so good to just stretch and move your body, especially first thing in the morning or when you’ve been sitting for a while! 


As you know…I’m always working on coming up with different helpful ways to assist you with your body mechanics and stance. 


In this Welcome and Review…I share some of my recent tips that are really making a difference in the results we are getting!  You will gain a whole new level of understanding about your tuck/curl. 


Week 1 Lunges – Did you realize there are 3 different lunges plus variations on the themes in TW (Total Workout)?  Sculpting success with these lunges depend on alignment and “good form”.  It is tough to watch the DVD and really understand how to take time to get your “set up” just right. That’s our specialty.  Wait until you feel these babies work once you are in the right alignment.  After teaching these moves, we will all do them together.


Week 2 - Balance and the “Pulls” –  I have a confession to make here… I don’t enjoy doing the Balance Sequence. Which means I really need to do and teach it. 


It’s so functional.   It teaches us that balance is about learning how to engage our core. Actually all our movements in our day should begin by first engaging that core!  Do that and you can move your extremities in all different ways and not fall!  And it helps to trim our legs, tighten our arms and slim our torso.


The Pulls (lat pulls and puppet pulls) will challenge your balance and teach you how to use “ribs up” to get the most out of these moves. 


Put them all together and you also have about 7 minutes of a workout with Tiffy and I!


Week 3 – Airplanes and…ta da…TTN (Thread the Needle) – It’s time to up our game and blast away some excess fluff.  We will detail the Airplane stretch and the full Airplane move.  This move will challenge every muscle in your body AND you will feel the lymph squeegie. 


TTN!  This is one of my favorite T-Tapp moves.  Wonder why Teresa included it on her DeBulk DVD?  That’s a big clue to why I love it so much.  Now you will learn all the tips to getting the best slimming results from waist to knees with this one brilliant move!


We’ll then do all these together!


Week 4 ARMS! You’ve seen Teresa’s arms.  You’ve seen my arms.  These moves work.  Tiffy and I teach you the secret to amazing arms without using weight.  We teach these and then we have 6 minutes of arm workout we will do all together.  Do this 6 minute workout every other day and see how your arms respond in just 14 days!!!


Week 5 Torso Twist, Step Lifts and Lawnmowers! – This is a huge week.  You are getting 3 big moves that can deliver huge results.  This is a whole workout in just these three moves.  Torso Twist and Lawnmowers aren’t found on many of the DVD’s. 


You might not even be familiar with them.  But once you go through this course, you’ll wonder WHY?  They are incredible belly and muffin top melters.  Yes…you MUST do them with good form to get these results.  But that’s why you are taking this course! 


Step Lifts!  We know you THINK you are doing them just like Teresa.  And maybe you are!  But our guess is you just might find a few great tweaks to rock these and when you go do SITTM, it will be a whole new world. 


Lawnmowers (think muffin top eraser) is the last move in Total Workout! 


But wait…there’s more (Sorry!  I simply HAD to add that here.) You have one more week.  So what will we be teaching in Week 6???? 


Week 6 BONUS!!!  FLOOR!


You all asked for some help with floor moves.  Because I’ve taught for so many years, I know which moves we tend to allow the body to take that lazy path…of least resistance.  And we don’t even realize it.



Alignment is just as important to getting results on the floor as it is standing.  To help you learn the correct alignment, we start with Floor basics.  If you get this wrong, the rest of your floor work won’t be effective.  Get back to basics with us on the floor and watch the results from the rest of your floor work soar!


In Outs

Oh yeah Baby!  These are on every floor workout.  Want to know why?  Because they are so darn effective.  BUT…most of us use our legs instead of our core.  Learn how to use your CORE and watch that belly deflate!


Organs in Place

I bet you’ve always wondered…what the heck are these about?  Am I doing them right? 

My guess is you haven’t been doing them as effectively as you could. 


Tif and I DETAIL this move.  We promise…you will finally GET OIP after watching this instructional video.  Then roll right into sit ups (stop doing them with your neck!!!!  ) and even the half frogs!  You’ll learn it all here!


Awesome Legs

Do you want one move that has been PROVEN to slim your legs from waist to knees? You got it and it’s Awesome Legs!  But here’s the key…if you don’t do it with correct alignment, foot positioning and form, you won’t get any results. 


Tiffy actually revised an ebook with/for Teresa on Awesome Legs and she will teach you the original version AND the advanced version which almost nobody has ever seen!


DIVA Derriere!

The name of this move says it all!  Teresa used this move with many of her models to tighten, tone and lift their…tushie. When you are in the modeling industry, you’ve got to get results quickly.  This move was one of her top secrets!


I know you already know what I’m going to say about this move and you’d be right!


This move ONLY works when you do it with great form! 


Learn ALL the best form tips to get your very own Diva Tushie!




This course is like 4 clinics all in one and you get to come to it as often as you want. 


Then you can put together your own customized short workouts with these “let’s all do it together” videos.


Ready to Rock this Form Intensive Course – Part 2? 


HECK YES…I’m ready! 


Okay then…


After this initial launch…this course is going to be offered for $149.  With everything that is in this course, it is an incredible value for this low price.  But because you were one of the first people to take Part 1, we wanted to offer you this course for just $99.  And you get to keep the access to it forever! 


If you haven’t taken the First Course and want to include both courses together, we also have that option!  Take both courses for $198!  


These videos are so effective that many of the 60 Day Challenge winner’s claim they won because of the tips and tweaks they learned from the first course.  This second course takes the learning up a notch or three.


If you are “HECK YES…I’m READY to get the best results possible from your T-Tapp experience, you might want to include some personal online training with me.


I KNOW how to get results.  I’ve helped so many people lose their excess fluff, get out of pain and just plain…feel better.  This year I even used my expertise for myself to win the Challenge in the Trainer Category! 


I’d be honored to help you too.  But ONLY if you are ready.


If you’d like this second video course and one personal training session, it’s $174

Three personal training sessions (plus the course) is $279

Six personal training sessions (plus the course) is just $429.  ****This is the best value and gives you the benefit of six coaching sessions which has been proven to help you get consistent!!! 


***These sessions must be used within 2 months of enrolling in the course. 


You can use these sessions to work on your T-Tapp.  You can also use them to work with Renee on designing a complete game plan (customizing the 5 pillars of health that will enable you to create the body you desire) to help you get the body you desire.  Email Renee for more details!! 


If you have any questions about the Form Intensive you can email Renee at or call her at (678)522-8056. You can also friend Renee on Facebook here:


Here is some of the incredible feedback Tiffy and I received from the first course.  We thank you so much for sharing this…

“This week I have started going through the videos with a fine tooth comb, and writing every little detail down! There is so much fantastic information that I am going to have an entire notebook filled up by the time the class is over!!! Loving it!!!”

“Renee and Tiffany are going to need an addiction recovery program for those of us entrenched in instructionals as we transition. 

“LOVED the tutorials today! Renee and Tiffany I love the mother daughter synergistic energy you share each time we do these. Fun! Great workout. I'm so excited because oil wells always have been a move that stumps me. When I was at the mini-retreat, I felt activation in places I didn't know existed so this is one I've been looking forward to since doing it at home didn't feel quite the same. Your explanation was excellent. Seeing the side view as I did it in the mirror was just what I needed. Perfect! I love the consistent feeling of activation I'm getting. Wow! You girls keep delivering. Thank you! Perfect video length. Love Love Love! “

“I have just done all the vids for wk 1-3 in one go and am impatiently waiting for wk 4 vids. Somebody mentioned this course should be a must for all trainers in training. Cannot agree more”

“I did LB after just a few days of SF. That was a BRAND NEW workout for me! Incredible. Actually, after all this coaching with you and the retreat. all the moves are not the way they used to be before”

“There is well thought out brilliance behind every placement/timing of these videos. How can I express this?! Saturday is usually my "It's the end of the week and I'm just going to get something done" day if I'm being honest. With these videos being released on Saturday, they have supercharged my end of the week with excitement. And you thought I was enthusiastic before.”

“I am amazed at how I feel like I've done an aerobic workout after a few minutes of T-Tapp.”

“Quite the videos!!! They really take you up a notch.”

“So tempted to do a T-Tapp marathon tomorrow and go through these amazing videos again. I'm actually so excited I can't sleep. LOL Is anyone else going from the beginning through them again this week? How are you breaking them up? I'm more mindful of my feet placement now but still need work. The videos are such a great workout too. My stomach still feels the box from Saturday!”

“I am recovering from severe adrenal fatigue, and Chronic fatigue from Epstein-Barr Virus. My progress over the last year has been s-l-o-w going. I was feeling a bit discouraged because I haven't really noticed much change in the way my clothes fit. Yesterday I decided to take pictures to hopefully get some encouragement! Boy am I HAPPY that I did!!! I have lost a grand total of FOUR pounds since the beginning of the challenge! The power of T-tapp!!! Thank you Renee and Tiffany for your awesome class!!!! 😊 I am loving it! ❤

“Best money I've ever spent Renee and Tiffany.”

“These form tips are really taking things up a notch. Today, I was really sweating during HHMM. I can't remember the last time I sweat (sweated?) during a workout!”

“Renee McLaughlin,  you are the great motivator! I did Sr Fit Tempo for the first time since last summer, and it felt so good, especially with the tweaks I've learned from the videos. Man that got my endorphins going! I feel like a million bucks!”

“ I love your tips and adore the mother daughter dynamic”

Thanks for all your encouragement. I'm enjoying learning these little things to add to my day & working on my form.

I just wanted to say thanks to Renee McLaughlin for the best Skype session ever (!) yesterday. You are are so inspiring and I can't believe how the little tweaks make such a huge difference. Thank you!

And now for the one that cracked me up the most…btw:  She won in her category during the 2016 60 day challenge after having taken the course: 

Over the last couple weeks I have been in indebted wonderment! I have to both thank you and sincerely apologize! How in the world did I think I didn't learn much from the Form Intensive?!?! I do hope you will forgive me. I have been sequestering myself (from all the family craziness ) and re-watching/listening/applying any new details as carefully as possible. The result is deep appreciation and awe at the entire course! It is everything I wished I had when I started T-Tapp and pored over the book every free minute. I'm not sure what caused my opinion to change- it's the first time I ever wondered if I have an evil twin who watched instead of me!!! Was is the substantial stress at the time...?!... or that the more I put each new tip into practice, the other so-called "familiar" aspects became even more profound? (Does that even make sense?) Also, just as I continue to notice something new when listening to my "usual" T-Tapp workouts, the same must have happened with your course.  

Anyway, I could do a crazy-happy Hoe-Down dance with glee.What an INVALUABLE course and I am **SO** glad I got the chance to do it. BIG HUG from one very satisfied client.  I will unhesitatingly recommend this course to anyone I know who is starting T-Tapp. (It is only available at certain times, right?)

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