More Level 3 Chair (18 Min) Download

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More Level 3 Chair (18 Min) Download

This 18-minute MP4 downloadable workout, done while sitting in a chair, is a bit more challenging than the sit-down workouts featured in the T-Tapp MORE Rehab Program and in MORE-Level 2. Teresa's addition of "leverage isometrics" definitely makes it more aerobic and its progressive design will continue to challenge as you become stronger too!

This workout features several T-Tappers who have lost over 100 pounds or several clothing sizes without loose skin (including two that appeared in MORE 1 and 2 filmed in 2002) - proof that "Yes You Can" achieve desired results and look and feel better the rest of your life! 

Best of all, the exercises and muscle activation tips you learn during this workout can be applied anytime or anywhere so you can "fit in fitness" whenever you want while sitting during work, travel or play.

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