Monthly T-Tapp Classes in Los Angeles, CA - Gail Fellers

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Monthly T-Tapp Classes in Los Angeles, CA - Gail Fellers


Would you like to know all the secrets to getting incredible results withT-Tapp??

Here’s the first one – CONSISTENCY!  How do you maintain consistency?  By coming to a monthly class and practicing on your own in between.

Here’s is another secret.  You don’t have to have “perfect” form but the more you learn and practice, the better your form gets. When your form improves, so do your results!  

As a T-Tapp trainer, I am aware of the tweaks that are needed to increase the level of challenge, or changes to coach you on, to help you get your desired results. Let’s have fun while we work toward our goals.

These classes are for every level of fitness.  Come and join those already working on their form or fine tune what you already have going.  

TIME:    10:00 – 10:50 am 

DATES:  Third Saturday morning of every month

LOCATION:  Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group, 8474 W. 3rd Street - Suite 208                       Los Angeles, CA 90048

***( Parking is available without charge.)

T-Tapp Trainer:  Gail Fellers, CFT, Certified T-Tapp Trainer, RN

Contact: Gail Fellers.  Call for more information 949-887-2323 or email me at

What To Expect:  During each class I will be choosing moves using Basic Workout +, TWO, HTF, MORE or Lady Bug,   then I mix up the rest of the class for variety and sculpting as needed!

PRICE:     $45 for one class

What do you need?  Dress in comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.  Please bring a bottle of water, towel and paper if you are a note taker.  Keep a yoga mat handy, in case we do floor work.

Cancellation:  These classes are on-going each month.  I don’t offer refunds.  Come when you can or just pay per class.  You have eight months to use your classes in your package.  

Comments from Others:

“Thank you so much!  The class today was terrific!  I was so glad you were able to work with all of us so effectively. 

I thought the wide range of abilities in the class members would be a problem. However, you were able to create a workout for each of our abilities. 

I learned SO much.  I am very hopeful that I will be able to address my issues through T Tapp. 

I had become discouraged since I had seen no progress in 1 and 1/2 months of doing the program. I now know the changes I need to make. 

Thank you again.”   Mary


“Thanks for pics and inches. Gives me inspiration to keep tapping!! Working with you was very helpful. “


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