“March Madness” Live T-Tapp Fascia Fitness Class! - March 30 - Boone, NC

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$ 62.00
“March Madness” Live T-Tapp Fascia Fitness Class! - March 30 - Boone, NC

“March Madness” Live T-Tapp Fascia Fitness Class!

Finish the 60-Day Challenge with a BANG!


  • Looking for an in-depth T-Tapp clinic to get you back on track?


  • Are you participating in the 60 Day Challenge (ending on April 7th) and want to finish strong? Or lose even MORE inches in the final weeks?


  • Interested to learn the latest T-Tapp tips, tricks, and tweaks to get even more out of your workouts?


Join Master Trainer Margaret for an exclusive T-Tapp class!


About this Class:

This clinic will feature moves from one of the final workouts Teresa Tapp filmed, to be titled Fascia Fitness Cardio. It has not yet been released on DVD or digital streaming. Using this new workout, you can activate your muscles and stretch fascia from head to toe, improving lymphatic circulation while cinching in your muscles!


Includes an amazingly effective Plie sequence, a cardiovascularly-challenging Lat Hop sequence, fascia stretching techniques, torso-trimming variations of T-Tapp Twist and Lawnmowers, a totally new arm sequence and so much more, you’ll work up quite a sweat, resulting in inch loss from head to toe!



Saturday, March 30th, 2019


11-1 pm


Just outside of Boone, NC in the historic Valle Crucis area.


Barry Mountain Event Hall

333 Overtheway Dr.

Sugar Grove, NC 28679


Skill level:

It is recommended that you are familiar with T-Tapp to get the most out of this class. However, there will be plenty of instruction and water breaks throughout the workout, so even those who have been T-Tapping for a few months will enjoy the pace and content of this class!


About Your Trainer:

Margaret Barry has been T-Tapping since 2013 and has personally trained with Teresa Tapp. In addition to certifying as a T-Tapp Trainer in August 2016 and a Master T-Tapp Trainer in 2019, she is a Nutritional Therapist and Certified Fitness Trainer. It is her passion to help women optimize their health, happiness, and vitality by learning to work with their body, not against it. Visit her website at www.mb-fitness.com


Class Cost:

$62 covers the cost of the clinic. Includes the 2 hours of in-depth training AND a Q&A session afterward as well.


What to bring:

Fruit infused “Spa Water” will be provided for you as you workout- hydration is so important when working the fascia! It is recommended you wear comfortable clothing, sneakers or other supportive footwear, bring your own water bottle, and a snack to enjoy during Q&A after the workout.


Questions about this event?

Contact Margaret at faithmountainwellness@gmail.com or via text: 828-406-5612


Cancellation policy:

Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to the event for a full refund.

Cancellations made on the day of the event, 1 day prior to the event or a “no show”- clinic cost is non-refundable.

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