LIVE TAMPA Florida Private/Group Training with Master Trainer & Health Coach Sue Fetzner

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$ 95.00
LIVE TAMPA Florida Private/Group Training with Master Trainer & Health Coach Sue Fetzner

LIVE TAMPA, FL Private/Group Training with Master Trainer & Health Coach Sue Fetzner                                                   

Private & Semi-Private T-Tapp Training

With Master T-Tapp Trainer & Health Coach Sue Fetzner, BS, MS, CPed

Location: Safety Harbor Spa, 105 N Bayshore Dr, Safety Harbor, FL (Home of the T-Tapp Annual Fitness Retreat)   

WINTER SPECIAL:  Meet me at SH Spa and you can spend the day in the fitness area, sauna, and pool, my treat.


Choose your location, there may be an additional travel fee depending on driving distance.


Date: Mornings, afternoons, evenings.  Jan – March 2020

Time:  By appointment.


Private and semi-private training.  It’s ALL ABOUT YOU.  Have fun and be fit! Work out with me LIVE for in-depth personal training and consulting.  You will experience faster results with a step-by-step approach on form and fundamentals of T-Tapp.  If you want to take your workouts and health to the next level then my LIVE training is just for YOU.


Focus is on YOU.  I will assess your needs, design a workout schedule, and help YOU improve form to experience additional benefits to you and your workout.  Get ready for some inch loss, more energy, reversing health challenges, and more.


You can choose private one-on-one training or share training time with 1 – 2 friends and/or fellow T-Tappers. Training is for either the beginner who wants to get started or the seasoned T-Tapper who wants to take it up a notch.


My passion is how the body works and optimizing health.  I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and have accumulated knowledge and experiences I am excited to share with you. 


I personally trained with Teresa Tapp and have been a T-Tapp Trainer for 18 years.  As a master T-Tapp Trainer I am certified to teach all workouts, including the fascia fitness workouts.  The fascia workouts are amazing!


In addition, my professional education and experience includes degrees in health sciences, motor movement and fitness, with additional education in nutrition and chronic diseases.  As a licensed board certified pedorthist I specialize in feet and foot challenges, biomechanics of the body and how feet are the foundation of our health.


My goal is to help people reach goals, reverse health challenges, and help them on their path to get their life back.  I did it for myself (I will share my story of “from fibromyalgia to free”) and many others so I know I can do it for YOU. 


Register now then please contact me via phone 585-682-3263 or to schedule your training session. 


Sign up today and get started!  Purchase more sessions for more savings!

Private One-On-One In Person LIVE Training

1    1-hour session      $95

5    1-hour sessions    $425 

10  1-hour sessions    $750


Semi-Private “Be Buddy Fit” Training (2 persons)

For more fun and fitness, workout with a friend or find another T-Tapper who wants to share training time. 

Pricing is for a 2-person training session.

1    1- hour session     $139

5    1-hour sessions    $599

10  1-hour sessi ons    $999

Small Group “Be Buddy Fit” Training (3 or more persons)

For even more fun and fitness, workout with more friends or other T-Tappers who want to share taining time.

Pricing is for a 3 person training session

1    1- hour session     $175

5    1-hour sessions    $750

10  1-hour sessions    $1195


Cancellation Policy:

You must call me at 585-682-3263 within 24 hour prior to session to cancel and reschedule.  You have one chance to reschedule an appointment before the session and training fee will be forfeited.  If you cancel twice for the same session you will forfeit the session and training fee. If you are a “No Show” you will forfeit the session and the training fee.  If you are in a 2 or 3 Be Buddy Fit group training and need to cancel, you forfeit your individual session. There are no options for only 1 of you to reschedule, only the entire group has the one reschedule option.  1 session purchase is good for 30 days from purchase date.  5 session purchase is good for 45 days from purchase date, otherwise will forfeit unused sessions. 10 session purchase is good for 90 days from purchase date, otherwise will forfeit unused sessions.  Sessions are non-transferable. There are no refunds/returns on purchase price.


What you need:

Workout or comfortable clothing

Appropriate footwear

Mat or beach towel for floor work

Hand towel

Water and/or snacks

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