LIVE T-Tapp Wellness Event in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area - May 20 - Jennifer Kent

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LIVE T-Tapp Wellness Event in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area - May 20 - Jennifer Kent

Are you ready to get your energy back and ditch the stress?

Do you get excited about the thought of getting your body back and looking & feeling great this summer?

It is your time!

Save your spot and join Wellness Specialist & Master T-Tapp Trainer Jennifer Kent for a T-Tapp wellness event that is sure to encourage, empower and set you on the path to looking and feeling fabulous with total health & wellness!

There is SO much information out there that is constantly changing with “new fads” and “new tricks” that it is confusing and overwhelming. Jen has sorted it out for you!

We are going to simplify and get back to the basics for change on the inside of our body and outside focusing on the T-Tapp method of movement & muscle activation, fascia fitness & health, body fuel, healing and stress management. 

Simple yet so powerful.


What to expect?

A plan on what to do and how to do it

An understanding of how and why our bodies operate and heal using these methods

T-Tapp movements taught slowly, step-by-step with review

Learning the what and how to heal our body's fascia

Fuel for living with energy and vibrancy

Stress management interventions for feeling our best

Healing practices for emotional well-being

Master Trainer Jen's favorite inch-blasting moves for quick results!

Fun, empowering day of wellness with like-minded women


Space is limited; sign up now to save your spot.


Trainer: Master T-Tapp Trainer & Wellness Specialist Jennifer Forstrom Kent


Text or Call:  763-898-8831


Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:45 PM


Oak Haven Church

1555 Constance Blvd. NE

Ham Lake, MN 55302

(763) 434-6013


Our T-Tapp Day of Wellness Schedule:


9:00 AM – 9:20 AM   •~:+:~• Meet & Greet •~:+:~•  Check-in, meet Jen & bring your questions, shop T-Tapp products & meet new friends

Session 1:  •~:+:~•  Wonders of Wellness •~:+:~•
9:20 AM – 9:45 AM
Let's sort through all the information and get down to the basics of what works, why it works and how we are going to do it! This includes body fuel, skin brushing and fascia blasting techniques.

Session 2:  •~:+:~• Fabulous & Fit Body Basics  •~:+:~•
9:45 AM – 11:00 AM
Whether you are new to T-Tapp or have been around awhile, you will learn how to activate multiple muscles and fascia fitness techniques. Add in our brain-body tweaks and feel to inches begin to melt and your brain begin to clear just from the 20-minutes of basics.

No need to do all reps and exhaust yourself; the key is listening to your body, maximizing muscle activation and working and healing our fascia.

Session 3:  •~:+:~• ReCap •~:+:~•
11:00 AM – 11:15 AM
Grab a snack while we go over questions and review movements of your choice

Session 4:  •~:+:~• Quick Fit & Body Blasting Jam Session •~:+:~•
11:15AM – 12:00 PM

Get ready to turn on the core heat for maximum inch-loss and movements that will tighten, tone and quickly sculpt that difficult mid-section and lower body.

Movements will be personalized for our small group and will include standing and inch-blasting floor moves for results you will feel today!

Session 5:  •~:+:~• Kiss the Stress Good-bye •~:+:~•
12:00 PM – 12:20 PM
Today's women are the busiest and most stressed in human history. Let's learn and experience some stress management intervention that are simple to learn and implement into our daily lives for energy, wellness and peace. We'll also learn some basic healing exercises.

  • ~:+:~• Putting it All Together •~:+:~•
    12:20 PM – 12:45 PM
    In our wrap up session, we'll put our wellness pieces together and leave with a plan of action!


Workshop Tuition:


Wonders of Wellness T-Tapp Special:  Celebrate by new business name and practice!

$328 regular for all sessions – Spring Wellness for ME Special - JUST $108



What to bring:
Plenty of water, healthy snacks, supportive athletic shoe, exercise mat, small hand towel, notepad & pen.

Workshop is open from beginner through advanced levels. The workshop will be geared towards participant level and sessions are appropriate for new T-Tappers and veterans.

Cancellation Policy:
50% of registration will be returned if cancellation is received within 14 days prior to the event.

Workshops fees are non-refundable within 96 hours of the event.

T-Tapp DVD’s and Better Body Basic Products will be available for a special during the day of our event.

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