Laguna Hills, CA - Day of T-Tapp with Trainer Gail - April 8

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$ 65.00
Laguna Hills, CA - Day of T-Tapp with Trainer Gail - April 8

Free Workout!!! Laguna Hills, CA


During this workout you can expect:

  • Increased understanding and use of T-Tapp principles
  • A fun supportive environment
  • New form tips and tweaks
  • Cues and tips individualized for you
  • Each move broken down slowly
  • To feel the benefits of a workout without jumping or bouncing


Trainer:  Gail Fellers

Gail has been training with T-Tapp for three years and is certified in Basic Workout, Total Work out, Hit the Floor, MORE, and Lady Bug.  She has personally trained with Teresa and is passionate about helping others make their goals a reality. Read her bio on the T-Tapp web site for more information.





Date:  Saturday, April 8, 2017



Class location is Laguna Hills, CA (details given with registration.)



Welcome:   10:00

Meet and Great


Session 1:   10:30 – 12 Noon

We will be diving into Lady Bug all the way through!!!  It’s a fun workout that includes a little floor work.


BREAK:   12 Noon – 12:30

During these 30 minutes we will have a snack or lunch with Q & A.


Session 2: 12:30 - 1:00

FREE: SURPRISE WORKOUT: if you signed up for Session 1. Hope you are ready to work/ sweat!!!



Session 1: $65


Session 2: FREE( Yup, that’s right, FREE!!)


Both sessions: $65 (if you sign up by March 25, March 26 - April 6 = $80)


Sign-up Today, either on the T-Tapp website or contact me directly at with your request.


What to Bring:

Bring water, a towel, a mat and wear fitted clothes so I can see your form. Please wear supportive, cross trainer shoes. Bring a snack/lunch if desired. Paper for note taking would be great if you are so inclined.


Cancellation policy:  Cancellation is non-refundable after March 25th.

Class size is limited, so do not wait to sign-up!!!! Maximum 10!


I am so glad that I came and feel better about doing it at home now, correctly. I also liked the T-Tapp principle session. It was helpful. Liz

Thank you for having this class and for all your encouragement!! Debbie

You are terrific. Ruth

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