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250 mg – 30 count bottle

A Bio-available Formula Containing Humic Acid:  “A very real threat from emerging viruses does exist and must be taken with the utmost seriousness. Humisol, an age-old substance derived from nature, is being successfully used to treat all kinds of viruses.” - Dr. Howard Peiper Author of the Best Selling Book, Viral Immunity with Humic Acid Viruses at our Doorstep

Viruses recognize no international borders or time zones. They have no obligation to country, race, social status, or gender. Rich and poor alike are victims of viral infections, which, if given the opportunity, may travel over long distances. In our modern world, viruses and other infectious microbes can hitch a ride on international flights to and from any major city.

What is a Virus?
Viruses are very small. Viruses are so minute they can maintain their ability to infect even after passing through filters small enough to strain out all bacteria.

How Viruses Enter the Body:
Viruses typically enter the human body through one of three locations:

  • Respiratory tract (nose, throat and lungs)
  • Gastrointestinal tract (mouth, stomach and intestines)
  • Genitourinary tract ( the sex organs and urinary tract)

Best Health Today Unlocks Mother Earth’s Secrets
Sealed away from wind and rain for millions of years are great deposits of animal and plant materials that have decomposed and then been compressed by the millions of tons of earth over them. This process locks in there nutrients providing 72 natural ingredients, and one of them is humic acid.

Nutritional experts now know that in addition to vitamins and minerals, humic acid is a third and vitally important nutrient required for health. These breakthrough discoveries are supported by published and medical research coming from top institutions around the world, medical schools, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical labs.

Humisol has the ability to prevent even deadly viruses
Viruses encapsulate themselves in an impenetrable protein barrier where defense mechanisms cannot reach them. Humisol puts a coating around the virus and prevents the virus from adhering to healthy cells. The viruses then become vulnerable to attack by the immune system. Yet this is only the beginning. Humisol also has the amazing ability to alert the immune system to the virus or disease invader and to regulate and strengthen the immune system. Scientists have determined that to successfully treat many serious diseases, including those caused by viruses. The immune system needs to be controlled; Humisol is able to do this naturally by suppressing certain immune responses while increasing others.

Benefits obtained from a consistent long-term plan of taking Humisol include:

  • Provides increased resistance to colds and flu, infection and disease
  • Cleanses, neutralizes and removes toxins
  • Supercharges your immune system
  • Assists in purging parasites, pathogens and viruses from your body
  • Creates a feeling of well-being immediately
  • Restores your body to its optimum potential over time

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