Holiday Survival Digital Workout Package

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$ 60.00
Holiday Survival Digital Workout Package

Are you afraid the holidays will derail your recent results?  Do you want to Eat-Cheat-and-Get-Away-With-It so you can enjoy?  Do you have time sometimes but not always? Then THIS is the package for YOU!  Included you will find FIVE options for Sugar Busting, moving lymph, trimming and toning and working in the time you HAVE!

Individual Classes held on the following with the included topic

1-hour SugarBusters Class to learn all the tricks to drop blood sugar

90-minute Retreat Class recap to balance hormones overall

25-minute SugarBusters when you need to sugar bust in less time

10-minute Standing SugarBuster to keep sugar down

10-minute Floor SugarBuster change it up and take a break

5-minute Sugar Buster to REALLY eat-cheat-and-get-away-with

Trainer(s) Name:   Kiona Leah

Trainer(s) Contact Info, Email/Phone: 240-893-4388

Package Price:  $60.00

Session/Class Description:  Combination package including one recording of a live class!  Feel like you were right there! Or enjoy it again if you WERE but want a weekly class.  The Timonium classes put a video camera on Kiona to capture these hour long treats for all to enjoy!  One recap of the live class taught at the 2019 T-Tapp Annual Retreat all the moves and explanation from that class like you were right there. Includes both standing and floor work!  SugarBusting is all about hormonal balance and a big combination of both lymph pumping to move the sugar off the cells and lat activation to burn sugar faster. Insulin being one of the master hormones of the body, if you get it under control all the others follow so the Hormone Balancing class is also included.  Long time students call the SugarBusters Series their VERY FAVORITE of all times! You will hear tips, tweaks and personal corrections for students that may apply to you too.

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