Hit the Floor Tempo

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Hit the Floor Tempo

Hit the Floor Tempo 
27 Minutes

Want to add variety to your T-Tapp Workout routine? Look no further! Hit the Floor Tempo is a focused lower body T-Tapp Workout that is designed to help you target and trim your ribs, waist, abdomen and upper thighs from knee to hip! This 27-minute workout is done all on the floor at a tempo that helps to build cardiac conditioning, strength and flexibility. Teresa will take you straight-through the workout without detailed instructions while still incorporating key elements to maintain optimal T-Tapp Method form. Yes you can really target and trim your areas of concern from rib cage to the knees in 27 minutes with Hit the Floor Tempo.

This workout includes the exceptionally effective exercise for flattening the lower tummy… Organs in Place! It also improves spine and joint health (strength and flexibility), as well as lymphatic circulation.

How to Incorporate Hit the Floor Tempo:
This workout was designed to do daily for better body alignment, lymphatic function and to help decrease inflammation. You can do this workout back to back with any T-Tapp Workout or on it's own.

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