Happy Holidays! NEW T-Tapp Sculpt and Stretch Class Package!

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$ 89.00
Happy Holidays! NEW T-Tapp Sculpt and Stretch Class Package!
This NEW variety recorded class package is PERFECT to use for your 30 Day Challenge...and on into 2020!

If you like a lot of variety in your workouts, you are going to love the classes in this package. Even though they are all using T-Tapp Method moves and principles, I've combined more relaxed stretches, booty and core work to make them even more effective at sculpting that beautiful body and feeling fabulous while doing it.

These classes are also wonderful to help relieve neck, shoulder, back and hip pain.  The more you release these tense muscles and bound up fasica, the greater range of motion you'll have to get more results with your T-Tapp!  It's a powerful synergy!  

These classes are excellent for every fitness level!  I slow the moves down and we focus on form so you'll get the results you are looking for!

These are all NEW classes that you've never seen or experienced before unless you are doing them with me live (and/or recorded daily)  Can't wait to hear all about your success with them.

What do you get in this package:

There are 21 classes in this package for you to mix and match according to the amount of time you have to move each day and what your body is asking for.

12 Standing classes (23 - 40 minutes with breaks in the longer workouts at 20 minutes so you can break them up and still get a full workout)
2 Combo classes (standing and floor) ( 40 minutes complete)
3 Sculpting Floor classes (20 minutes)
2 Floor stretch ( 15 minutes)
1 walking class ( 38 minutes)  
1 Gentle Somatic Yoga class (60 minutes) GREAT during stressful times and/or after sitting a long time!

How long do you get to keep these?


Here's what a few of Renee's clients have reported from doing these classes:

"The middle of my spine has been hurting and the muscles around it were in spasm. By the time I rolled down for the hamstring stretch and came up, I could feel a release. The spine squeegees near the end helped too. It still isn't all the way back to normal but it is a huge improvement. Consistency always helps me to get over the stuff in my body. Thanks, Renee!!"  Judy K

"WOW! That was a powerful 15 minutes. Now I'm off for a busy day!"  Susan T

"This loosened up some things in my back a little while being a great walking workout!" Karen P

"On days like today when I am really tired (not sleeping great) this full body stretch is just what I need. I do this class every week. Just love it!"  Ann C

"I’ve had a painful sore elbow for a week. Ibuprofen and BenGay hadn’t worked. Guess what - release your shoulders, do a kneeling spiral and POP - all better. 🤗"  Cathy L

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