Functional Lifestyle Assessment & Coaching for Success (1 Month) with Master Trainer/Health Coach Linda Osmond

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$ 275.00
Functional Lifestyle Assessment & Coaching for Success (1 Month) with Master Trainer/Health Coach Linda Osmond

Cost $275 for this 1 month package

To celebrate my IFHC Functional Health Coaching certification being added to my Master T-Tapp Training (last year), I want to offer you a well-rounded package that encompasses not only how you move, but everything you do!  Let’s make this your best year ever, full of new breakthroughs and successes! (Note: Coaching will resume in the new year for holiday purchases. Enjoy yourself!)

Sometimes, you feel like you’re not getting the results you desire, and you think you’re doing everything right.  Or you’re just not sure what the best path of success is for you. Then what?  

That’s where functional health coaching comes in to help light the way!  Read the testimonials below to encourage you on to victory.

What areas will my lifestyle assessment cover?  

You will provide me with information on a very comprehensive intake questionnaire, and we will evaluate and discuss together where you are and where you want to go. The Lifestyle Review session will cover AT LEAST the following areas (perhaps more), which I will call your Pillars of Success:

  • Choosing Clean & Real – Being conscious of your choices about what you put in, on, and around your body is essential for optimal health and functioning.  Value your body and environment.

  • Maximizing Movement – The body is an extraordinary machine, and what you do and how you do it, or don’t do it, impacts you on all levels, not just physically.  Learn to move it wisely.

  • Revitalizing Sleep – Cleaning up and optimizing sleep habits around natural rhythms brings cleansing and refreshing that vitalizes all that you do.  Discover less-known tips and triggers.

  • Reframing Stress – Your perception and reactions to stressors can trigger a variety of chemical reactions throughout your entire body, either positive or negative.  Learn to respond differently.

  • Releasing Stored Traumas – Unresolved emotional baggage weighs heavily and distorts future vision and efforts that can result in you feeling stuck or in unrest.  Very often it’s subconscious.

  • Enjoying Life & Community – It is vital to include fun and rejuvenation that meets your specific needs, as well as to be in meaningful relationships with others.  Re-discover YOU & re-connect.

  • Embracing Passion & Purpose – Gaining deeper conviction and a higher vision for your life can help prevent confusion, burnout, and feeling lost or lacking meaning in life.  You can do this!!!

  • What will my lifestyle coaching experience entail?  

    In addition to the extensive questionnaire, we will meet online for a 60-90 min live session to go over everything of relevance on your Lifestyle Review.  Afterwards, you will receive written documentation with resources, tools, and education to address your specific needs that can help you to move forward. 

    You will also have the remainder of the month to use for follow-up questions regarding anything discussed, in order to bring clarity to your desired plan of action.  

    What if I don’t want to “go there” in a specific area listed above?  

    That is TOTALLY fine.  This is your journey, and your feedback and priorities will help to guide the way.  

    Will any information I do choose to share remain private?

    Yes!  All of our interactions will take place on a secure, HIPPA-compliant health professional/client platform.  You always choose what details you prefer to share with me and what you don’t. Your privacy is extremely important to me.

    What if I need more help after one month of coaching?

    Great question!  As a current health coaching client, if you feel that you are well on your way but need more coaching, you can purchase additional months of support at a discount from the regular rates!  You won’t be left in the dark without options.

    What do I do after I purchase this package?

    Please email me at with the confirmation email you receive (forwarded). I will then direct you towards scheduling. Purchases must be claimed and used within 3 months, unless otherwise noted.  Holiday purchases will be on hold until the beginning of the new year when scheduling resumes.

    What type of results have previous clients experienced from functional health coaching?

    This varies, depending up on the needs of the individual, of course.  However, it is not at all unusual for a client to discover that the issue he/she originally came to coaching for is not the ‘real issue’ that is holding them back. I’ve heard it enough times to realize that we all have blind spots, and it is helpful to have a coach to help uncover some of the hidden areas of blockage that prevent success.

    With that said, here are some happy results in the words of my clients:

    From Stephanie G:

    I came to Linda at a time when I was very discouraged and completely out of hope. She helped me tremendously by making a few key changes. I am so grateful for the encouragement she provided and the guidance she offered that helped set me on the path to health again.

    I felt betrayed by my body. I had always eaten clean and worked hard to stay fit. I refused to put anything toxic in my body or to take painkillers or medications, even for childbirth. …my body was failing me. I used to run half-marathons for ‘fun’, but now I couldn’t even walk 2 miles. … out of breath and lightheaded all the time…mind-numbingly tired. Achingly tired…too tired to chew…. (NOTE: and her weight kept going up!)

    At least once a week I experienced fevers and chills for no apparent reason…my body and my joints ached…periods were so heavy they devastated my health … too weak to function. I had blood transfusions… multiple rounds of iron intravenously… iron ferritin was a 2 (it should be 90+). I felt like I was dying …each month worse than the one before.

    My doctor had wanted to do a hysterectomy.

    Over the next 18 months, I had 6 surgeries. Some of them planned, some were emergencies…we lived in our flooded home…It nearly broke me.

    I approached Linda Osmond for health coaching because after all these surgeries, my body was weak and my health shattered and I knew I had a long road to recovery.   

    She was the one that helped me with my adrenal issues; which turned out to be entering stage 4-adrenal failure.

    Linda also helped me realize that these multiple surgeries, anesthesia, etc. had put a heavy toxic load on my liver… unable to lose weight

    I also had Hypothyroidism … body temperature was only 93 degrees…

    My iron was dangerously low…estrogen was dangerously high…

    I was overwhelmed by the myriad of symptoms I was suffering from and had no idea where to begin. 

    Linda helped me to map out a plan of interventions; recommending blood tests (from my doctor) and a series of liver cleanses….freed up to clean my body and begin metabolizing fat.

    Linda also recommended herbs called adaptogens to help heal my adrenal glands… helped with hormone production; including thyroid and progesterone.

    She encouraged me to rest and not push my body so hard, allowing my adrenal glands to recover. … synergistic effect that made my whole body healthier.

    It took several months, but I finally began to feel ‘awake’ again. I had more energy.

    Now, I run 5 days a week and have lost (over) 40 pounds.

    My energy levels are great and I can think clearly again… I am so encouraged by my progress. 

    From Angie C:

    I’ve been having terrible exhaustion with some depression. I felt no way out of it.

    I can say a most valuable resource to change unwanted behaviors and progress in life is having a coach like Linda. Experiencing negative emotions is hard enough. When my physical and spiritual being felt like they were in a war zone every day, it was better to address it all.

    Linda made me feel comfortable immediately. She understands my concerns with my health and the way my body looks. She is an example of someone who walks the talk. She, herself, had improved her own health. I knew I could do the same.

    Linda has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I didn’t have.

    She’s in excellent shape for a mother of 5 children. She gave me input about my posture and helped me with proper breathing. T-Tapp is the only exercise I do and having a stable foundation is important before one progresses to other T-Tapp workouts. Linda let me know that slower workouts are fine until my core is stronger and I’m able to activate the correct muscles.

    She also gave me resources on alternative ways to treat my thyroid. And I never knew that hitting my head could affect my Vagus Nerve which can cause digestion to not work properly. Vagus means “wanderer” because it wanders to other important organs. Linda’s given me a list of ways to stimulate the Vagus Nerve in order to improve vagal tone.

    In our first coaching session, some things that Linda taught me were that:

    Blood sugar, toxins, digestive issues, thyroid medications not correct, or posture can cause fatigue. I’ve always blamed menopause. Deep breathing and correct posture are great for giving energy and lifting my mood. I’m more upbeat and look forward to learning more about improving my health.

    Linda made me feel supported and empowered. When I talked to her, she got where I was coming from.

    Linda provided me links to specific resources that I could use to help me progress in improving my energy levels and my overall health. I feel more motivated to change the way I eat and move. I’m also learning about detoxing my body in order for my hormones to work more efficiently. 

    I’ve benefited by getting an education from Linda.  She offers sources about issues I never knew could affect the health of people.  

    My cell phone is no longer in my bedroom due to emitting of radiation.

    I am very grateful to Linda for accepting me where I was at. I was having nerve pain and in limbo.  Linda’s coaching support has helped my anxiety levels go down enough to where I have no nerve pain.

    I was tired of taking medications, because I didn’t know the long-term effects they’d have on my health.  Linda supported my decision to be honest with my doctor and stand my ground. I was able to do it and my doctor’s response was supportive of my needs.

    Linda also guided me gently to some natural ways to help my pain and anxiety.

    I also needed clarity in issues dealing with family members. My past and present behavior wasn’t serving me nor them at all.  Linda helped me realize that I was repeating an old pattern of people pleasing. With boundaries, I am able to stand outside of a family situation and not try to fix it. I have every right to say “no”, too.

    Linda has helped me get back to what feeds my soul and that is having prayer time, stillness in my favorite chair, writing, and a body that moves freely.

    Now, I flow through the day instead of stumble around.   My focus has improved enough that I decluttered my office.   I have more energy and feel inspired each day.

    With Linda’s coaching, I’ve completely felt empowered, supported and cared about.

    From Sharon K:

    I saw an article about Linda in a Women’s magazine.

    She had such a healthy positive upbeat radiance that I contacted her to see what she would be willing to share with me about her long-term experience in optimizing her life, her health and her appearance.

    Linda was so welcoming and accepting and willing to share her experience and optimism and enthusiasm.

    Through working with her as a coach and also meeting Teresa Tapp in 2018, I feel that I have been blessed abundantly with so much good advice on how to gently and steadily improve myself.

    My mind-body connection has been rejuvenated — balance, reflexes, digestion, awareness of deep core muscles and posture. I’ve also lost close to 50 pounds and have been maintaining that for almost a year.

    Linda reinforced the importance of avoidance of toxins and use of T-tapp stance and posture and isometric-like balance in my everyday chores (i.e. if lifting a heavy water pitcher with my right hand, simultaneously push down on the counter with my left hand)

    She always made me feel accepted and comfortable and reminded me to be gentle and accepting of myself and to give myself the gift of time, patience, and balance.

    Linda provided many physical and emotional healing resources and her open-minded curiosity allowed her to speak to so many healthful protocols from current and time-tested modalities.

    I am most grateful to Linda for being and sharing:  Warmth, Kindness, Abundant Acceptance and Hope for the long term.

    From Kathy K:

    It was awesome. It touched many aspects of my life to help me see myself as an ENOUGH person.

    Working with Linda Osmond as a coach was a gift from my sister. At 69 I wanted to make some positive changes in my life. A new perspective on life … all aspects of life.

    Linda helped me by helping me believe in myself.  By helping me with my T-Tapp form.  By helping me make wise food choices.

    She made me feel that I was ENOUGH.  I use that as a mantra now.

    In coaching me, Linda provided me with encouragement. When I met Teresa (Tapp) in June 2018, she told me to “do something (T-Tapp) everyday.” Linda helped be believe in that and put it into action.

    I am most grateful to have met Linda, to have her positivity and knowledge touch my life.

    THANK YOU, Linda!

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