April and May Personal Sessions with T-Tapp Trainer Jean

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$ 75.00
April and May Personal Sessions with T-Tapp Trainer Jean

April and May Personal Sessions:

If personal coaching is your preference, we can do that!  

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at T-Tapping, having the opportunity to practice with the skilled eye of a Certified Trainer can make all the difference in the results you want to get!  Jean Kraft is certified in Basic Workout and the Total Workout, and can help you to master techniques that will transform and tone your body like you can’t imagine.  

Sessions are up to two hours and will be used for T-Tapp teaching, personal coaching and questions: Book multiple and SAVE!
1 session: $75
2 sessions: $130  save $20
3 sessions: $175  save $50

Location:  Your location, $10 travel fee over 50 miles.

Trainer: Jean Kraft Certified T-Tapp Trainer BWO/TWO
763-691-5295  jean@t-tapp.com

Contact Jean to arrange Date and Location 

What’s needed:
It is always best to be somewhat familiar with the workout before starting up new.  Please visit the Starter System page and see what package best suits you, or take a look at the “Try Before You Buy” page.  Products will also be made available.  

Let's get started looking and feeling better!

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