Fascia Stretch Cardio with Teresa and Emily (66 min) - Download

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Fascia Stretch Cardio with Teresa and Emily (66 min) - Download
Have you been doing any of the Fascia Fitness workouts and are looking to take your workouts to the "next level"?  If so, this is the workout for YOU! 

It's important to understand T-Tapp is progressive.  Even if you are an advanced exerciser, to get the most out of this workout, you need to understand the primary principles of T-Tapp Fascia Fitness to get the best results.  

The workouts that will prepare you for this newest workout include First Step Fascia Fitness, 2016 Better Body and Beauty Fascia Fitness, Brain Body Turn Back Time Standing, or Senior Fit.  

Cardio conditioning is so important to our health, especially as we age.  This workout (as well as all the T-Tapp Workouts) proves you can get excellent cardio conditioning using T-Tapp movements. Not only that, but it's very lymphatic so you are also helping your body eliminate toxins and balance hormones.  

Because form is so important to get the best results, the Instructional to this workout is included free when you get the workout.  It is separated out so you don't have to "fast forward" past it when you go to do the workout. 

The Instructional is really helpful because Teresa takes the time to explain and show the importance of all the different hand positions and fascia stretching.  So if you've had a bit of a hard time really "getting" the terminology when watching the fascia series this will help!

This workout is slightly over 60 minutes but you can always break it up in segments if your time is short.  It is suggested you do Primary Back stretch before you continue on.  

Because it's long and very "activated," it's not an "every day" workout.  Two to three times a week is all you need to get the results you are looking for.  


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