Fabulous Form Tips during the 60-Day Challenge with Trainer Trisch

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Fabulous Form Tips during the 60-Day Challenge with Trainer Trisch

60 Day Challenge SPECIAL!   Trainer Trisch's FABULOUS Form Tips!


For 3 years I've merged my love of writing with my love of T-Tapp in the Beautiful YOU online class. If you've never taken a Beautiful YOU class, it is chock full of tips focusing on the core in specific moves from the workout of the month, schedules and a monthly call where I am doing a portion of the workout and walking you through it via audio.  Is print and audio as effective as video?  Yes! And  cost-effective as well!  These tips are great to go over and then incorporate into your regular workouts.  In my class, I often encourage participants that the Bonus Focus tips and call are actually the most important part—the foundation of success!


If you have wanted to check out one of the classes but the timing hasn't worked out, you now have the option to purchase some or all the elements of a Beautiful YOU class!  


Trainer:  Trisch Richardson

Contact Info:  trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com



To kick off the 2017 60 Day Challenge, I am offering the following for SIX T-Tapp workouts:



*Bonus Focus Tips—FOUR in-depth tips for 4 moves that I covered in the class that are guaranteed to increase the brain-to-body connection and lay a strong foundation for getting even more out of the moves!  (Note: A few moves have 3 tips and some have 5)


*Monthly Call-- 1 hour plus Q&A where I go through several moves from the workout (different than the Bonus Focus moves), breaking them down and adding tweaks to take muscle activation up several notches!  If you work out with the call, you will get a full body workout!


*Transcript of the Call—great for clarity and cementing concepts from the call!


*3 Schedules to go with each workout—taking out the guess work on what to do or how to split up a workout!


*Combinations of the above!



I have newbies and veterans in my classes and have received feedback from BOTH that the tips are super helpful for understanding a move as well as getting better results from their workouts!



Workout choices (and moves included) are:


*Basic Tempo (Primary Back Stretch, Reach Scoops, Jazz Twist, Pull the Weeds)


*MORE  (Primary Back Stretch, Step Away, Broom, Chair)


*Healthy Hormones Menopause Management  (Spinal Stretch, Clap-Aways & Flick Kicks, Lat & Trap Warm-Up, Hoedowns)


*Senior Fit   (Primary Back Stretch, Reach Scoops, Mitten Chop Box, Hoedowns)


*LadyBug   (Primary Back Stretch, Jazz Twist, Lunges, Thread the Needle, Floor Hoedowns )


*Turn Back Time  (Jazz Stretch Sequence, Scissor Legs, Half Frogs, T-Tapp Twist)



Just want tips for one move?  I'm also offering these individual tips:


*T-Tapp Twist 


*Thread the Needle

*Mitten Chop Box

*Pretzel Twist

*Bun Blasters

*Eye of the Tiger


Individual Bonus Focus Tips are 4 in-depth tips for each move. 


Frustrated thinking about having to read through the tips while doing the move?  Read them into a recording device--smartphones are great for this!  You'll have your own “personal trainer” breaking down key moves for max muscle activation!


This is like getting to pick my brain X 100!  And you won't get this much for these prices-- except for this special!


Okay, I'm convinced! What's the cost?


You would pay $75 for 1 ½ hours of in person training with me.  And you'd have to take your own notes!  With the Bonus Focus tips, call, transcript and schedules you have everything you need to improve form and focus in your workouts—and you have the notes already done for you so you can review them as often as you want—less time trying to remember translates into more time maximizing inch loss!



60 Day Challenge prices (February 13 – March 31):



Option 1: Individual Bonus Focus Tips--  $7.50 each


Option 2:  Bonus Focus Tip Sets--   $21 ($47 value!)  


Option 3: Beautiful YOU Teleconference Call (mp3)--   $21 ($75 value!)     


Option 4: Call PLUS Bonus Focus Tips--  $27 (value over $120!)     


Option 5: Call PLUS Transcript--  $27  ($135 value!)          


Option 6: Call, Transcript and Tips--  $37 ( Over $180 value!)   


Option 7: Add 3 Ready-for-You Schedules to option 6 (Call, transcript, tips and schedules)  $67* ($225 value!)

*Includes a mini-guide with suggestions on how to use the materials over a month for a do-it-yourself class!


Option 8: Purchase sets with schedules for any THREE workouts and receive Core Focus tips as well for floor, seated, and standing! (Also an integral part of Beautiful YOU!)  Total value over $300 for only  $197! 

That's the equivalent to THREE MONTHS of tips, schedules, calls and transcripts! PLUS the mini-guide!


After you order please forward a copy of your confirmation e-mail to trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com and you can then tell me which workout(s) or Bonus Focus Tip singles you want. 


What have others said about the class about the effectiveness of written instructions!


“I took Trisch's Hit the Floor Harder class in July 2015. It was my first time taking an online T-Tapp class and I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea written instruction could be so effective. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. You will get full attention, numerous tips on how to optimize your form and get closer to the results you are after. She truly cares about your success and always goes above and beyond. 10.5" lost here.” 

~Janna J.


“I've done about 6 of Trisch's Beautiful You online classes and love it.  It is great for those that need motivation to workout.  Great support from Trisch and other tappers as well.  Trisch just brings so many little details out that make a huge difference.  Warning, workouts don't get easier, but harder.  That is the good news as I know I'm finally figuring out muscle activation and not flopping. I also love that it motivates me to get out of the box and try new workouts which keeps things fresh and new.  I can't believe how many tips and tweaks I learn in one workout and find myself applying to the next.   I would highly recommend the classes.”

~Sharon Carmichael


“Thanks for everything Trisch! I must admit my hopes were LOW but I'm overly happy with your help. I just figured you must have hands on at retreat help to get anywhere and I was dead wrong. And happy for it!

~Cherie N.


“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Beautiful You class this month. I was able to choose the right schedule to match my time and abilities which helped me be the most consistent I have been for quite awhile, all without feeling overwhelmed. Thanks to the class there is now more wiggle room in my jeans – yay! I'm excited to see what you have in store with next months new streaming video class. Keep up the great work!”



You have a gift at explaining the moves in a very understandable fashion. So invaluable!

~Mandy W.

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