Exerstrider Walking Poles - Stability+™ Medisport

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Exerstrider Walking Poles - Stability+™ Medisport

New telescoping model, the Stability+ Medisport, was designed primarily for physical therapists and other medical specialists who requested to offer a simple, safe locking mechanism on an adjustable pole that would work better for people with arthritis or limited hand strength, but it has become a popular choice for many seniors and those who intend to use the poles to enhance their balance.

Feature exclusive ERGO /SC ergonomic strapless grips for unparalleled and unrestricted comfort and they are designed to maintain safe, comfortable “neutral” alignment of the wrist!
This model features a pop-button/hole adjusting system similar to that commonly used on canes and walkers and easily adjusts from 41″ to 51″ to fit users from 3′-8″ to 6′-1″.
Features a solid steel button (not punch formed from thin sheet steel) and machine grade spring for lifetime dependability and safety.
Compact to 31″ (79cm) for more convenient travel and storage
People of different heights can share the same poles