CRT Body Brushing Supreme Sequence (16 Min) Download

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CRT Body Brushing Supreme Sequence (16 Min) Download

This complete system utilizes Teresa Tapp's unique Cellulite Removal Techniques (CRT) for fast and effective results.The CRT Skin Tightening System consists of skin brushing with a particular body brush in a sequential pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to break up the clumps of fat (cellulite) underneath the skin. 

This 16-minute digital video download features Teresa dry brushing her body in a more comprehensive pattern to maximize lymphatic circulation, as well as, skin tightening and cellulite control.Her additional tips for muscle activation while brushing not only help improve results, they also help increase heart rate so the brushing session could be considered a cardio conditioning workout, as well as an exercise session for your skin.  Being able to see and brush along with Teresa in real-time helps you understand what she personally does (how long and how hard) to achieve optimal results.  This 16-minute supreme sequence will help your skin look, feel and function at it's best.




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