Critter Crunch Floor

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$ 29.95
Critter Crunch Floor
Critter Crunch Floor
75 minutes

Critter Crunch Floor contains all of the T-Tapp floor exercises, plus the signature movementsLadybugs, Organs in Place/Half Frogs, and NEW Crab Claws – a zoo for a whole new you! Filmed at the 2007 Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat this workout will help to balance hormones and target/tone those problem zones below the belt, including inner thighs, lower belly and saddlebags.

Critter Crunch Floor is a Master Level Educational Clinic meant to teach you more about the exercises and proper form techniques to maximize results. If you are looking for a smooth, continuous type of routine you may want to try the Ladybug Workout or Critter Crunch 2.

*It is recommended that you are familiar with the Total Workout to purchase this item.

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