Consistency Challenge with Trainer Trisch - February 15 - March 8

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Consistency Challenge with Trainer Trisch - February 15 - March 8

Need a quick jump start into consistency for the 2017 Challenge?  Want to have fun and accountability while focusing on healthier habits?


Join me for Trainer Trisch's Consistency Challenge!  Just 21 days to get us going on fitting in our fitness goals!


The Consistency Challenge will run from February 15 to March 8, 2017.


Trainer:  Trisch Richardson

Contact Info: 


This will be a short, fun 21 day challenge to help jump start into consistency.  We'll start the challenge off with a 4 day Instructional bootcamp, whether that is 3 moves a day or an entire workout, depending upon YOUR ability and time available!


The goal of this program is to help you create consistency in workouts, better eating habits, positive self-talk and gratitude to help the mental outlook—all in a gentle, fun way—no stress!


There will be encouragment in these five key areas:


  • Movement/Core Focus --Daily check-in


  • Form Focus--- Bonus Focus for 3 key T-Tapp moves—one for each week!


  • Fresh Focus--Getting in 2 vegetables and 2 fruits daily


  • Positive Focus—Encouraging positive self-talk


  • Grateful Focus—Listing one thing each day you are grateful for


I'll have a private Facebook group for you to check in, share successes, ask questions and encourage one another!


AND there will be giveaways and prizes for active participants! 


I am limiting registration to keep the group more personal as well as give YOU the attention you need to keep the motivation and momentum going!


Trainer Trisch's Consistency Challenge for 21 Days of Focus on Health and Wholeness:  $37


Please e-mail me your confirmation once you register. I will start adding participants to the private Facebook group on February 13. 


Questions?  You can contact Trisch at

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