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$ 40.00
T-Tapp Broom Bundle

T-Tapp Broom DVD:
105 minutes

T-Tapp Broom, filmed at a Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat, is a total body indoor walking workout that incorporates a household broom to stimulate high end muscle activation for better results. T-Tapp Broom is more than just a workout; it’s like being at a clinic working out with Teresa Tapp herself. Warning: Muscles may quiver as you sweep away those inches! We recommend using a household broom or broomstick for this workout.

This DVD contains multiple sections:
Warm Up Section:
• T-Tapp More #1 Warm Up: 34:23 
• T-Tapp Broom Warm Up: 19:45 
• Instructional Walking Workout with Broom: 6:59

Workout Section:
• Broom Walking Workout #1: 15:11 
• Broom Walking Workout #2: 28:43

Complete Routine:
• Complete Routine - Start to Finish: 1:05:05


T-Tapp Broom 2 DVD:

13 minutes

T-Tapp Broom 2 is a T-Tapp variety walking workout. This workout can help boost your body's ability to burn more calories, glucose and fat. Filmed at last year's Annual T-Tapp Retreat, T-Tapp Broom 2 is done without any instruction and is only 13 minutes long. If you are looking for ways to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle, T-Tapp Broom 2 may be just the workout for you to get your body in shape!

Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary DVD:  Want to see the Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary, but there are no show times in your area?  Enjoy the FULL Public Television Documentary, featuring a special 10-minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit.  

The Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Program explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon. "Our hormones control everything in our bodies -- sleep, body temperature, hunger, stamina -- but when we stop moving, it affects our hormones, especially when we hit the big 4-0!" says Tapp, "The key to rebuilding our health and turning back time is to use our muscles...and T-Tapp provides a safe, efficient, and fast way to help bring hormones back to balance.

Viewers will see how easy it is to just start moving and quickly it will make a difference. They'll also see that my unusual way of doing each movement exercises the entire muscle fiber, so you can quickly get long, lean, fit muscles -- no matter how old you are!"

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