Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time

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Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time

Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time
61 minute workout (36 Standing/25 Floor)

This workout is a great full body workout, recommended for anyone who both owns and is familiar with a T-Tapp Starter System and other T-Tapp floor routines. This workout is designed as a full T-Tapp Workout to be done alternately with a T-Tapp workout in an every other day schedule or by itself (once a week) on an off day. This workout features movements that will help to balance muscle imbalance while utilizing the floor and gravitational pull to keep your body in alignment as you stretch, lengthen and debulk your muscles from your waist to your knee.

This recently filmed DVD features two workouts. The Standing Workout is similar to the T-Tapp Total Workout but features new tweaks from Senior Fit Workout and T-Tapp More - Level 2 to help maximize muscle activation and not allow your body to take path of least resistance. The Floor Workout is similar to Critter Crunch 2, Brain-Body Fitness Floor and Brain-Body Fitness Core Floor but with additional tweaks as featured in Hit the Floor Tempo. Each workout is effective alone but packs extra power when done back to back. Discover the difference how full fiber activation of multiple muscles and leverage isometrics in a special sequence for lymphatic function and fascia fitness can make... inside and out!

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