Better Body Through Better Sleep 7-week program - Sept. 4- Gergana Radovich

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Better Body Through Better Sleep 7-week program - Sept. 4- Gergana Radovich

You maybe have a vision of your ideal body at mind. Maybe you do everything right – you eat clean, exercise regularly, limit your alcohol and unhealthy food choices and yet - you still can’t lose the weight. Maybe on top of eating healthy you feel tired and fatigued all the time. Maybe you feel that it is not in your power to change that. But it is! You just need to look at your sleep and sleep pattern.

If you don’t sleep well or enough, chances are that you will not get the body you want no matter what else you do.

If you wish to improve your overall health and body you need to look at your sleep pattern with a critical eye.

If you would like to fell less stressed, rest more and simply perform better and enjoy life to the fullest, you need to look at the quality and the quantity of your sleep.

Do you recognize yourself somewhere in the questions below?

* Do you turn and toss for the better part of the night, every night?

* Do you think that you have some problems with your sleep?

* Do you wake up, drag yourself out of the bed and can’t open your eyes for at least an hour or even more after waking up?

* Do you wish to stop waking up the wee hours of the night?

* Do you wish to finally get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

* Do you wish to be able to get up on time in the morning?

* And finally, are you ready to work and change all that?

Too many people think they can’t improve their sleep. But this is not true! At least 50% of the sleep problems can be resolved with some simple changes in your habits and your daily routine.

If you are reading this far you most probably have some problems with your sleep or you would like to sleep better than you do now. And I will help you achieve your goal.

Sleep is a vital part of our life. So vital that if you don’t get enough quality sleep it shows in every aspect of your life, body and soul. If you are able to manage your sleep better, you will be able to manage not only your own well being but also your relationships to others and the world around you.

Good sleep means strong, healthy and lean body, balanced hormones, less food cravings, normal and easily managed appetite, good digestions, good emotional balance, good decision making, optimal performance, the list can go on and on.


What will you get from this course?

The main goal of this course is to show you how to sleep better, feel better and look better and I invite you to join me. You are about to discover the miracle world of sleep and most important, to benefit greatly from it.

The program is completely online. You will have access to the videos for 3 months.

The program starts on Monday, September 4th, 2017.

* Video around the weekly topic – total of seven

* A video with an EFT practice around the weekly topic – total of seven

* Once a week 30-minute T-Tapp online group session which will be recorded and shared with you

* Two 60-minute group calls where I will answer questions and work on specific topics – which will be recorded and shared with you



* Script for the EFT practices – total of seven

* Detailed journal which will help you track your success

* Membership to a hidden Facebook group where you can post your questions and share your achievements

* A discount for the T-Tapp DVDs when purchased through me


When you sign up you will be invited to an online platform where the classes will be help. In order to take part in the live classes you will need to create an account (it’s very easy to do that).

All you need is a good internet connection.


Detailed program:

Week 1

Welcome to the course. The first week will start with introduction and you will make some discoveries. That will help you to identify your current situation and prepare a plan your future. During the week you will discover the daily habits and routines that cause you lack of sleep.

Week 2

In week 2 learn more about the physiology of sleep. That will help you understand your body and sleep better and will allow you to improve them both.

Week 3

In week 3 it’s time to manage your stress before it manages you (and your sleep). Stress is not that bad after all but you need to know how to use it right. There are many stress management routines out there but I will show you the most effective once.

Week 4

Exercise is great but… you need to know how much and when to exercise in order to improve and not disturb your sleep. Week 4 is devoted to that.

Week 5

Week 5 will highlight the relation between food and proper nutrition and sleep. Eating right has an important place in your sound sleep and you need to address it. On the other hand, the right nutrients will do wonders to your sleep (and no, we are not talking drugs here).

Week 6

This course is not about medical advice but there are sleep problems that you cannot deal with alone and you need to see your doctor. Learn more about when and why you should get some medical help.

Week 7

This week puts the final touches on the course. It’s time to talk about the close relationship between the sleep and the beauty sleep. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. And even though it is a wellknown fact that beauty comes through sleep, it is not a well-used fact yet.

Don’t wait! Sign up today because sleep is important – for your overall health, for your waistline and even for your mood. Come join me in this course and take that huge step toward your better and leaner self.



This fantastic group coaching costs only $349! It is actually less than the price of two coffees per day. Normally, it would be $449, but the yearly T-Tapp retreat is a very special time of the year to me thus, I offer a great discount if you order until August 15th .

After August 15th the price gets back to $449. Don’t wait, claim your spot now!


Why I can help you?

My name is Gergana Radovich and for more than 10 years now I’ve specialized in the field of the aviation human factors. I teach pilots how to manage their sleep and overall health better so they can live and perform well. And the lives of many of us depend on how well the pilots managed these skills on daily basis. But I assure you they know well – obtaining good sleep is vital!

Besides that, I am also a Master T-Tapp trainer, Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. I have found that those two – T-Tapp and EFT, work much better and faster than any other practices out there. They can help you transform your restless tossing and turning during the night into a sound 7-8 hours’ sleep. And if you join me, I will show you exactly how to use them so you will sleep like a baby in no time.

I live in Sofia, Bulgaria with my husband. We share a common passion for travel, photography, and tasty food.


Cancellation Policy:

Life happens to all of us. The program comes with One Month Money Back guarantee. I know you will love the program, but just in case are not satisfied, let me know and I will give your money back no questions asked within 30 days of your purchase.

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