(Back to Basics for) Beautiful YOU! May 1 - 31, 2017 - Trisch Richardson

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(Back to Basics for) Beautiful YOU! May 1 - 31, 2017 - Trisch Richardson

What is Beautiful YOU? 


Beautiful YOU is an online class where we focus on the core of a different T-Tapp workout each month. We also focus on the fascia with the newer tweaks to take workouts to a new level for optimal results!


No need to show up at a specific time--unless you select the live classes!  Even then there are recordings so you can watch later if you can't attend live. You can access the class information at your convenience from a private forum.  Ask questions, check-in, share your a-ha's and glean tips to ramp up muscle activation.


Core Concentration--focusing on the “core” of everything to help us be beautiful, inside and out!


Let's check out the CRT Supreme Body Brushing dvd along with the bonus floor moves and add Broom 2 for lat activation and cardio!


Future Focus –   June:  First Step 1 & 2

                           July:  Basic Workout Plus

                           August:  No Class


Beautiful YOU! Program will run from May 1 - 31, 2017.


Trainer:  Trisch Richardson

Contact Info:  trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com


ALL members of Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration will receive:


*Schedule Selections— We're making sure to make time to BRUSH and keeping it simple!  Short daily workouts plus the Core and Bonus Focuses--there's a schedule for EVERYONE!  (schedules will be ready April 29)


*Super Support in a private forum for accountability and form help!


*Transformational Tips—daily tips for better health, skin, attitudes and thoughts!


*Premium Points of Progression—breaking down the 4 floor moves from the CRT Brushing dvd to get even more muscle activation!


*Dynamic Discount-- on any T-Tapp products ordered through me during the month!


*Teleconference Talks—we'll have a call where I'll walk you through form tweaks and tips to get even “more” out of Broom 2! There is also an option to participate in the call live AND have access to the video recording for a limited time!




NEW FOR 2017!  Join me in a 30 minute LIVE WEEKLY CLASS where I will focus on the Bonus Focus moves—the floor moves on the CRT Brushing dvd!  There are two afternoon classes and two evening classes, all on Thursdays:


May 4 & 18 at 2 p.m. EST

May 11 & 25 at 8 p.m EST


Classes are recorded and recordings will be available through, June 15 2017.


“I have benefitted greatly from Trisch’s Beautiful You classes, but now that she has the video class option everything has been stepped up! After one of these classes, I just stood there thinking, “mind blown!” This is so exciting! Trisch is gifted at breaking down the moves in the workout so that you can get the most activation out of each move. Being able to see her do it while she explains what she is doing and also do it along with her has taken my workout to all new levels. I’m getting connectivity that I have never had before in 5+ years of T-Tapping! The results are showing in my clothing! I highly recommend the Beautiful You class!”

~Mary Ellen


The classes and call are master level—in your own home!  You get the best of my training poured into these moves so you can take your workout to a new level of activation for better health and a better body!


Trisch's written explanations for the moves are excellent, but the videos take it to a whole other level.  I can see exactly what the moves should look like and the pace that I should be going.  On days when I do the classes, I call those my workout for the day.  My muscles are screaming halfway through the classes.  The best part is that they are recorded and I can do them over and over during the course.  I sometimes watch them while I am cooking or folding laundry and pick up even more tips.

~Sue M. (Never Give Up on the forums)


Trisch has learned the art of teaching T-Tapp by verbal cues alone as she has done audio class calls for Beautiful You classes since fall of 2013. She's also a master at reading her DVD in order to break down each T-Tapp move into the smallest details which she types up into written instructions for her class. These written instructions are amazing as they help you understand what your body is supposed to be doing and all the muscles that are supposed to be activated at each step. So when you take that amazing teaching ability and add video, those of us who need to hear and see to learn can, and it's made it so much easier to practice her Bonus Focus Move for the week with the video recording which remains accessible for the month. I already loved Trisch's classes just as they were, but I can't help but love them more now that she's added live and recorded videos to help us achieve and maintain our results. Thank you Trisch for an amazing job well done!

~Jessi S.




BASIC Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration Program$45 (Over $150 value!)


CLASSIC Beautiful YOU!  Basic program PLUS Weeky Classes (up to $270 value):

1 class:   $60 ($15 for class)

 All 4 weekly classes:   $77  ($8 per class!)


Beautiful YOU participants who sign up for the weekly classes will be able to access the recording(s) to the classes they choose to attend through June 15.


PREMIUM Beautiful YOU!   Basic program PLUS Video Participation on Teleconference Call:   $75   ($270 value! Includes recording access through June 15)


(Call is planned for Wednesday May 17 at 8 p.m. EDT unless those participating live agree on a different date/time.)   


ULTIMATE Beautiful YOU!  Basic program plus ALL 4 classes, video participation on call and access to ALL recordings through June 15:    $390 value for $97!


Please e-mail me after you register with a copy of your receipt so I will know that you are registered and can be sure to get your schedules to you when they are ready! If you need to purchase the CRT Brushing Supreme dvd or Broom 2,  let me know so you can take advantage of the class discount. While you can certainly do other workouts during the month, the schedules, classes, call and materials are all focused on Broom 2 and CRT Brushing Supreme.


If you register for the weekly classes and/or call,  I will send you instructions on how to select the class times you wish on my online calendar as well as instructions on how to access the class/call and recordings.  Classes and call will be held via Zoom.


Pre-requisite for the Program:  Own and be familiar with one of the following:  Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes; Basic Workout Plus; Total Workout; MORE; Mindful Movement for Healthy Hormones Menopause Management, Senior Fit, or First Step; or have recently attended a clinic (within the past 6 months).


Cancellation Policy:  Should you find that your involvement in this program isn't producing greater core strength for you, I will be happy to offer you a prorated refund.  This refund will be determined after a one-on-one call with me to see if there is some way I can better help you, as your success will always be my primary concern and goal. 



What are others saying about Beautiful YOU?


“I took Trisch's Hit the Floor Harder class in July 2015. It was my first time taking an online T-Tapp class and I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea written instruction could be so effective. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. You will get full attention, numerous tips on how to optimize your form and get closer to the results you are after. She truly cares about your success and always goes above and beyond. 10.5" lost here.” 

~Janna J.


“I've done about 6 of Trisch's Beautiful You online classes and love it.  It is great for those that need motivation to workout.  Great support from Trisch and other tappers as well.  Trisch just brings so many little details out that make a huge difference.  Warning, workouts don't get easier, but harder.  That is the good news as I know I'm finally figuring out muscle activation and not flopping. I also love that it motivates me to get out of the box and try new workouts which keeps things fresh and new.  I can't believe how many tips and tweaks I learn in one workout and find myself applying to the next.   I would highly recommend the classes.”

~Sharon Carmichael


“Thanks for everything Trisch! I must admit my hopes were LOW but I'm overly happy with your help. I just figured you must have hands on at retreat help to get anywhere and I was dead wrong. And happy for it!

~Cherie N.

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