A-Mazing Recorded Class Challenge Package with Renee!

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$ 79.95
A-Mazing Recorded Class Challenge Package with Renee!

Ready to get your 60 Day Challenge on???  Improve your results with Renee's A-Mazing Package!


Variety is the spice of life AND it can keep your workouts fun and your enthusiasm cranked as you go through these 60 days.


Check out what you get this this very affordable recorded class Challenge package... 


3 Long Form Tips videos!!  Not sure if you are doing T-Tapp right?  Now you can watch as Renee slowly details the how to's (as well as the "why's) for all the basic T-Tapp moves.  Work out along with her and watch as your form gets better and better.  As your form gets better...so do your results!!!  Soon you'll be ready to take your newly improved form out for a spin.


You will have access to 15 recorded videos of the most popular classes Renee has taught over the last few months.  


You'll get :    (5) 30 minute classes

                   (5 ) 50 minute classes

                   (5) floor classes


You will have access to these 24/7  throughout the 60 Day Challenge on one special page.  Renee uses a video format that is super easy -- just like watching a YouTube video.  No camera or fancy equipment needed.  Just a computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.  Take classes on YOUR schedule. 


How does it work???  

After you've bought your package, you will receive a welcome email with the link and password needed to access your very own library of these 18 videos you can use to get the best results from your Challenge.  


And There's MORE ....


Renee has created a book of Secrets and Killer Tips from winners of past Challenges - some of them multi-year winners. Obviously they have some hot tips for you about how to use T-Tapp to create results in just 60 days.  There is some wonderful information and inspiration in this ebook and it's included with your A-mazing Package.


One of the Killer Tips centers around the power of journaling -- having a special place to put your pictures, measurements, workouts, etc. can be enough to help many you stay on track. With that in mind, Renee has designed a Journal for you if you need one to help you keep your momentum.  


You will also get emails each week with tips and ideas to keep you motivated.  Renee will be recording video interviews with industry experts, people who have created great products, and Teresa Tapp herself! You will find out who is the latest interviewee by email when the interview is posted online.  Yep...one more tool to help you!  


You are probably wondering how much this A-mazing Package of goodies is going to cost!  Are you ready for this???


The cost for this package is just...$79.95 for the full 60 days!


YOU get to work out with Master Trainer Renee all during the 60 Day Challenge AND get all her special tips and tricks for less than $80!  


Wondering if these classes really get results?  


Check out some of the results that have shared on social media…

“Absolutely loved the work out this morning!!! My body really likes the new little tweeks you are showing us!! Today...you made me fall in love with lunges which, let's just say, were a move I have avoided. Confession; during an arm sequence, if I had not been live on-line, I would have quit...lol I love the changes I am seeing. I am wearing a top that there was no way on God's green earth I could fit in it last week!! During our stretches I can feel the heat and just from the new hand positions I was breaking into a full blown sweat. Somehow a "thank you" does not seem adequate."

NOTE:  Terrie lost 7 pounds and a whole clothing size in just 3 weeks of doing the classes!

“I lost 5.75 inches this past week. That includes another 2 inches off my waist! That's an inch loss of 21.5 inches in three weeks. I am feeling stronger and more muscular in spots. I keep surprising myself at things I can do whereas before I felt too weak.

THIS is what ONE MONTH of consistency can do: the second photo was taken at the end of Renee's 14-day "Bootie Camp" and motivated me to continue for the rest of the month, doing 4-5 online workouts a week, usually the 25-minute ones, with an occasional 50-minute when I felt up to it. I deliberately chose NOT to weigh or measure myself, so as not to get hung up on the numbers. My main goal was to feel good (which I do), but I'm so glad Renee suggested taking photos from the back, or I wouldn't have believed the results myself. For those who are interested, this is all I did, apart from a daily 20-30 minute daily walk with the dog. I did not diet (though as Renee has said, once you start taking care of yourself, you also tend to make better choices) and I don't believe I've lost any weight. Oh - and I should also mention that I'm 62 years old, so if T-Tapp can do this for me, in just one month . . . . The online class format is fantastic; I can watch myself in an inset on the screen while Renee is full-screen, and her form tips and explanations are invaluable. I've never been able to keep up this level of consistency in the past, but now that I know how worthwhile it is, I just HAVE to keep going!

Okay Renee, I'm ready for week four!!”  AS

The results that have eluded me for so many years with T-Tapp were because my form was all wrong, and I worst of all; I didn't know it. Fast forward to October of this year. I decided to go back to the basics of T-Tapp, which is do a boot camp. I enrolled in Renee's boot camp in October and I have been hooked ever since. I am "slow to lose", yet I see positive changes in my torso, thighs, pecs and jawline. Coming from my critical self, noticing these changes is huge! I can attest to the power of this boot camp, Renee's incredible teaching ability, this incredible T-Tapp exercise....and I can attest to the power of "showing up"! For the first time in my life, I have "shown up" on a consistent basis, Dreaming about results did not get me results. "Showing up" is working...:) p.s. I am continuing with Renee for the December, too

I, too, am slow to lose. But FINALLY I can see some changes in my trunk, and just above my knees. The tweaking of movement that Renee does is incredible. Tally ho!!

“ I am addicted to Boot Camp with Renee McLaughlin!! The reasons are countless: from clarity of mind, muscle activation like I have never experienced before, inches lost (bonus)..actually a whole size and flexibility!! You both look better now then ever before and that is truly what inspired me to sign up!! The accountability of the on-line class was exactly what I needed!!Renee McLaughlins passion is a bonus ”  TF

“I was thinking today about how much I am pushing myself (in a good way) because I am being seen by Renee McLaughlin during the workouts. I would have stopped or slowed down more than once this week (I never would have done the hoedowns at the end for sure). It is showing me what I am capable of. I feel good! Ready for the workout this evening. Thank-you, thank-you Renee.”  LC

“Noon class (9am for me) felt great! Not as shaky as day one. Love having somebody to correct my form as I go! With imbalances as severe as mine, even when I was thinking super hard about it, I was still tending to go path of least resistance. Baby steps: just able to feel where hip turn out should be and maybe go a couple millimeters in that direction. We are balancing, balancing, I can feel it! SUPER love the spinal decompression and release!! First day had about 4-5 dozen releases, today at least 3 dozen. Like a giant internal bubble wrap therapy popping session = Feels so much better.”  KH

“Six p.m. class was awesome! Lots of sweat and amazing stretches” GE

“I look forward to my workouts to either get the kinks out after a day at work or to clear away the stress. It puts you in the right place.” CP

“This is only the morning of Day 5, but my belly button measurement is down 3 inches! 3 inches! My stomach is getting flatter daily! I've also lost a half inch from my arms, upper chest measurement and hips. The live/online workouts are pushing me in such a positive way. With your helpful eyes on me (it is like being in your studio), I don't want to stop (even when tired). And your form prompts as we go are so helpful. I am feeling so many muscles at once, with each move. And the heat! Wow. On my own, I have never activated so many at one time. And amazingly, I'm not feeling very sore afterward. I'm thrilled to be feeling this energetic and happy. I truly feel like I can do this. (And this is only Day 5!) My health and size goals are reachable! If anyone is wondering if Renee's Bootie Camps are a good investment --- they ARE! This is the best money I think I have ever spent on myself (and I have done every diet and fitness program under the sun).“  LC

“It was really strange, but since I'm a bit tired today, I was only going to focus on movement & form, not intensity.  Oddly enough, as soon as the video started, my body immediately went to the max!  After all my unsuccessful attempts to do a 15 minute workout on the weekends, I'm in shock I DID IT!  I did 12 workouts in 14 days, 2 of which were 50 minutes!!  Thank you so much for a great (and doable!) program.”  Elle

“I didn't take pictures or measurements when I started this chapter as I have a huge collection of "before" photos and measurements but not as much follow through.  I sold myself short. You really have such a knack for this! The way you eased into each day and were so very supportive and never critical, it's super motivating. My clothes are fitting better and the scale has moved in the direction I'd like for the first time in weeks! “ Kris

“Awesome, awesome, awesome...can't thank you enough! Great to join you live this afternoon and I'm hoping to catch another live one tomorrow! This has really been so incredibly helpful, and man was I sweating today!!! “ KB

“This is so awesome!  Right now, it looks like I will be unable to do any of the live classes, with 1 possibility for a Sat AM class   However - I am LOVING the recorded ones. I didn't measure myself before starting last week, but I know that there are definite changes, especially through the trunk of my body.  My mobility, in general, is improved - my upper arms actually feel like they belong to me :)    - and I am more aware of my posture. This is going to be the best October EVER!”  Marie

“I went to measure this morning and can't find the paper I wrote my measurements on - too funny! Oh, well, it really doesn't matter as I am feeling much better in myself and the jeans I wore to work today closed up easier [no tugging or pulling :-) ] and my belt went to the next hole (one more notch and it will be what it was in my "other" life, when I was an expat).  I keep raving about you and your classes; I'm sure my work colleagues and friends are ready to tape my mouth shut! ;-)”  Laurie

“I'm so excited about this offering.  I love the shorter workouts and variety (I agree 20 minutes isn't quite enough because I love the stretching).  I have to share my 7 day inch loss.  I lost 19 inches in 7 days!!!!!!  2 in my abs, 1.5 in waist and hips!!!!  Unbelievable”  Kathy

“Thanks so much for offering this to us!  There is something about the energy of a live class!  Your instruction, patience, and observations about form have been invaluable to me.   I am beginning to believe that I will experience some unbelievable changes over time, if I stay consistent, of course. :)” Pat

“First off I want to say a HUGE thank you for the online classes; I absolutely LOVE them. As you said, it makes such a difference being in a class as opposed to doing a DVD. I push myself much more and I have learned SO MUCH about form it is amazing!”  Lori

“This came along JUST when I needed it. The daily class has served to anchor my day while I deal with the chaos of the move and trying to work, and are giving me the foundation I needed to start rebuilding my physical, mental and emotional strength. It's also ironic, because so many of your tips turn out to be things I'd started doing anyhow . What's that famous saying about the teacher appearing when the student is ready?”  Betty

Amy wrote a long, detailed FB post about her experience.  I won’t quote it all here except this part…I have lost 15.75 inches total. Let me tell you, when you are measuring yourself for the first time and the tape measure only goes to 60 inches and a couple of your measurements are more than that, even though it's only by an inch and a half and the other is a half inch...it can break you down. You can feel defeated before you even start. I've done T-Tapp before. I know how it can change me. I knew these were measurements I'd never see again if I would stay committed. I'm happy to say I can now use the 60 inch tape instead of the longer one!! Renee sent out an email this morning talking about the REAL results. More than weight...more than inches...the change inside us. The inside of me is where I see the most significant change. 

“I lost half an inch from my hips, half an inch from my belly button, and about an inch from each upper thigh and the measurements around my chest shifted. I also have loads more energy and definitely have a morning exercise habit now, off to do one of the recordings :) And also how many workouts did you do? I did 9”  


Even Teresa Tapp herself has recommended my online classes.  Here’s a post she just put on my timeline:

"For those of you who train with Master T-Tapp Trainer Renee McLaughlin, you know that she looks even better today. Her arm muscles are more defined, her body is more sculpted from head to toe and even her face and neck have more tone. I highly recommend that you join one of her online training classes or better yet, participate in her interactive online "bootie camp" classes. Results within days can last forever with T-Tapp!" 


As you can see, these classes get RESULTS!!!!


If you are ready to be your own success story, this is what you have been waiting for. 


Some people call Renee "The T-Tapp Whisperer" because she loves teaching these workouts and she KNOWS how to help you get results!  Are  you ready for A-mazing results?


If you have any questions about this package or about taking these classes, please feel email Renee at Renee@healthcoachforsuccess.com

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