A Health Challenge Advance (60 Days to Greater Wellness) with Linda Osmond

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A Health Challenge Advance (60 Days to Greater Wellness) with Linda Osmond

A Health Challenge Advance (60 Days to Greater Wellness)

Coinciding with the 60-Day Challenge, especially for (but not limited to) those in the Health Improvement Category. 


NOTE: It is not a requirement to be officially registered for the T-Tapp Challenge to participate in the Advance.

The Advance is specifically designed to assist anyone with health challenges (defined or still undiagnosed) to create an individualized group environment where you can make noticeable advances in your health, while you are being loved on, encouraged, supported, educated, and gently guided along your path to greater wholeness.


I am a Master T-Tapp Trainer, a 2-year Challenge Winner, and a Holistic Health coach with training in a whole host of areas.  For all of that information, I will just send you to read more about my training and credentials and to learn more about my challenge stories at my website: www.fitmehealthy.com/about


Our goal in the Advance will be to get you from point A to point B, C, D, P, or Z.  It’s not realistic to think that everyone will reach their ultimate health goal in 8 weeks, but you can consider it SUCCESS when you can actually see or feel marked improvements for yourself! Likely, others will notice them, too.


This is a Pilot Course

I want those who choose to join me to know that you will, in essence, be helping me to co-create the content by telling your unique story, the successes and struggles, all along the way. What does this mean?  It means that this Advance will be designed totally around the participants in the group!  And it implies that I need you and your feedback as much as you might feel like you need me to help coach and guide you.


Because this is a Pilot, I have decided to take half off of the price this first time only.

The cost for the Advance will be only $197 for the entire 60 days.


What is the format of the Advance, and how can you participate?


  • Weekly group contact/coaching calls (1/week).
    • Introductory call is Friday, 2-17 @ 7pm CST.
    • We will introduce ourselves, get challenge details finalized, and hear your story!
      • All calls will be recorded, and you can give input prior to calls, if you know you cannot make it and want something discussed. We want to include you
    • Other call dates and times TBA.


  • 3 Group Skype or Zoom Sessions (beginning, middle, and end of 60 days)


  • Fitness support (for T-Tapp Workouts or other functional tasks you perform)


  • Supportive Private Facebook Community where the encouragement and conversations can continue throughout the Advance (and the T-Tapp Challenge)


Holistic Health Coaching:  First, we will look together at your individual health and fitness picture and discuss options.  There are NO off-limits discussions pertaining to your health and well-being, including, physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns.  Your personalized sessions can be as all-encompassing or focused as you desire them to be and can include education and evaluation of any health challenges you are facing.  I take special interest in and have had specialized training in nutritional endocrinology and root-cause health & wellness coaching, and I'm here to help!

The Lymphatic Movement & Total Health Connection:  Please take the time to listen to my Interview by Donna Gates (of Body Ecology Living- for healthy gut, digestion, and overall health) to get some practical tips you can implement NOW and to better understand the importance of putting this all together for a healthier you!   And here's another Interview I had by Steph Jackson on how proper posture and movement help to aid and heal digestion and improve overall health.  Please feel free to sign up for the free newsletter and look around while you're at my website.  And here's a Free Health Coaching Replay and Resource Document from a recent live call for you to enjoy!

T-Tapp Coaching:
Let me help you evaluate the best starting point for you, improve your T-Tapp form, teach you tweaks to take your fitness level up a notch or to target those specific stubborn areas, move you closer to your fitness goals, and/or become more holistic about your healthful aspirations.  T-Tapp's method of mindful movement is for all activities through your day and your LIFETIME! 


Like many other areas of our lives, if you are not focused and progressing forward, your are actually going backwards!


Let me show you how to apply these principles to create a Functional Fitness Plan that can not only initiate remarkable Inch Loss, but Rehab problem joints, rectify Muscle Imbalances, Prevent Injuries, Preserve your Adrenals and Thyroid, Balance Hormones, and Sharpen Mental Function.  We all use our muscles daily, whether mindfully focused or not, and we are either creating imbalances or preventing/correcting them.  Let's learn how to effective focus on the latter together!


Looking for T-Tapp Products or recommendations?  I carry some of the DVDs and other products and am willing to ship to you or have items shipped to you.  Discounts on products are offered with any package purchases and to previous clients.  


I would be honored to work with you!


Not sure which T-Tapp Workouts might fit you best? 

Check out my recommendations – www.fitmehealthy.com/t-tapp

***I WANT YOU TO BE TOTALLY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICES YOU RECEIVE.  If you do not feel like you were helped on your initial session or you feel that it would just not be a good fit for you (for any reason), let me know by the end of the session, and I will gladly refund the amount of that session to you in T-Tapp Products.  Any pre-purchased future sessions will also be refunded to you (in cash or products, your preference).  I want you to be satisfied with the time and financial investment that you are choosing to make.  I realize that it can be a real sacrifice on your part, and I want to honor that in every way.

Once you have registered, email me at Linda@T-Tapp.com to let me know.

IMPORTANT: To speed up the process, it is helpful to forward a copy of your purchase confirmation email.


What you will need:  A phone for group calls.  A webcam and microphone for when we Skype. supportive athletic shoes (no bare feet, please)… in case I instruct you on a movement, water bottle, hand towel, paper/pencil (if you're a note taker).


What if I have to miss a call?:  Our calls will be recorded for you to listen to at any time, and you can use the Facebook group to give any details ahead of time that you might want discussed on the call.  You are a vital part of this program, and we will do all we can to include you!


Need more one-on-one help?

I do also offer one-on-one coaching in a separate Feb - April Online Coaching ad listed on the T-Tapp Site under Events.


What Participants Are Saying About Training and Coaching with Linda:

Since training with Master Trainer Linda, I lost 57 inches or more!  I obviously gained much muscle tone, my posture improved, my energy level good, and pain that I had in my feet and calves was gone!    
Linda Osmond has been a huge part of my past success and continues to be so in the preparation for the 2014 60 Day Challenge. Having a good trainer is crucial, especially for those who need to make adaptations for better form.  Her encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable help in the MORE class she taught, gave me a much better foundation to continue on my own... I could contact her for advice on form or which new DVD might suit my needs best.  She always came through with what I needed. 
Yesterday, I had a coaching session with Linda to prepare for the Challenge.  It was excellent, and my goals were completely met.   We went over a few tweaks that seemed appropriate (for me).  I could tell, from how I could really feel the positions and movements that they will help me better achieve my goals.  I highly recommend Linda Osmond as a T-Tapp Trainer, whether you are first beginning the journey of T-Tapp or are more experienced and want help in perfecting your form and technique.
Peg H., retired Occupational Therapist, IL, 60-Day Challenge Winner!

Linda, thank you for taking the time to help me get a good healthy start on the T-Tapp 60 day challenge. The Skype session we had was so helpful. Learning that there is a physical/biological reason to my klutziness and that I can get rid of it was a huge sign of hope for me. I really can't tell you how thrilled I was. I've implemented the (supplement) you recommended. It feels good to know I'm getting my body moving in the right direction. 
I also greatly appreciate the help picking out a new T-Tapp DVD. It's overwhelming to look at the large selection and not know what the best next step is for yourself. After talking with you I was confident that this DVD was the right one for me and it was. I'm loving it! Since starting the challenge (24 days ago) I've lost 9 inches. I can't wait to see the total loss.

Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to working with you again soon. 
Tonya K., IL, 60-Day Challenge Winner!

T-Tapp entered my life in 2015....my abs, hips, and thighs were not budging.  I joined the 2016 T-Tapp Challenge, purchased a bunch of different workouts and still thinking I could be more efficient, I decided to try working with a trainer/coach.  After checking out quite a few on the T-Tapp website, I chose to work with Master Trainer, Linda Osmond.    In just a short thirty minute introductory session, primarily working on my stance, I started feeling more activation in my hips, made a plan to improve my workouts, and purchased (2 specifically recommended workouts) ... to address my particular muscle imbalance issues, and (I was to) keep working on my stance.

Linda & I worked well together and I also continue with her coaching program.  Per Linda's suggestions, I took measurements to assess the effects of what I was learning from her.  Linda's coaching and insight was so helpful, I knew my numbers were going to change!  In 9 days, my abdomen and waist EACH dropped almost 2"! Fantastic, YeeeHahhh!!  The detailed focus during our Skype sessions have also identified movements where I was working too hard, for instance (I'm now) lifting my ribs (properly) and allowing my shoulders to (properly) activate without the tension I was producing that exhausted me.  Lots of shrugs throughout the day, practice my stance while standing, sitting, and on my back and just keep fine tuning.

Mahalo for sharing your learnings, Teresa, and the training program that results in awesome trainers and coaches like Linda!

Deb S., PA

After purchasing my T-Tapp videos and attempting to apply the techniques and instructions of T-Tapp as I would any other workout, I signed up with Linda for some one-on-one Skype sessions.  She was so helpful and had so much knowledge that went beyond my physical needs.  I had gotten into a rut after shoulder surgery, an ongoing financial issue (which was very stressful), and I just had not given myself or my health top priority.  Through our initial conversation, I discovered that Linda could help me with not only T-Tapp training, but also with my digestion, cleansing and overall wellness.

Once Linda interviewed me and asked me a series of questions, she was able to start me at point A - a wellness plan - then a protocol that would aid me in getting back my health - and eventually, bringing my body into alignment and functioning the way it was created.  I've already seen amazing results with her help.  I'm still on my journey, but I am more hopeful and excited about being empowered to be a "long distance runner" rather than "sprinting" through this training process.
Pamela G., CA

I’ve known Linda Osmond for over five years now, and I have come to respect her for her wide knowledge in nutrition, health, physical fitness, and alternative medicine.  She is a person I never hesitate to go to with any question I have related to these subjects. Her gentle and caring spirit make her approachable and so valuable.  Linda is a blessing to our community!
Betty M., IL

I have thrown away 2 pair of jeans that no longer fit, even with a belt. ... Once again thank you for doing (these classes)!  My daughter, who has been doing the Basic (workout) with me for about 3 weeks now, is excited about exercise for the first time in years.  ... She is wearing clothes she has not been able to fit into since (her accident) last September.  And she loves that this exercise does not torque her neck or mess up her back.  She was not able to continue Tae Kwon Do after her concussion, (but can do T-Tapp!).
Cathy F, IL (and daughter, Liz F, 60-Day Challenge Winner!)

Thank you. I applied your recommendations and Wow. It gave me a totally different feel.  

I am glad I had a consultation with Linda.  It was good to meet her before signing up for a block of training sessions.  Based on our consultation, I have confidence that Linda can support me with my T-Tapp goals.  She was generous with her knowledge, time and support, and I learned a lot!
Catherine H., MS

Entering the 60-Day Challenge, I had the added benefit of my wife being a Master T-Tapp Trainer and health coach.  She helped me to understand the correct T-Tapp form and to clarify or tweak some of the movements for me.  She also acted as my holistic health coach, helping me to identify what nutritional and lifestyle changes would best help me to accomplish my health goals.  She told me that I had insulin resistance for a number of years and that I was pretty much pre-diabetic, which I realize now was also negatively affecting how I felt.  Amazingly, I was able to reverse the insulin resistance in just 60 days, too, with individualized diet, targeted nutrition, stress management, T-Tapp movement, and lifestyle changes only -- no medications or permanent supplements to be on! My fasting blood sugar had been over 140 for quite some time, but now the fasting sugars are consistently in the 70's or low 80's, right where they should be.  I am also on high blood pressure medication and have been for years, but I have had to stop taking the medicine sometimes because my blood pressure has been very close to normal during the challenge without medication.  Probably due to the lower blood pressure and extra movement, I have also had less swelling (edema) in my legs, and probably less inflammation overall.  I lost over 33" and 20 lbs on this Challenge!
Brian Osmond, IL, 60-Day Challenge Winner!

Please know how crucial your (explanation and education leading to my) diagnosis of hyper-flexibility was (to my healing).  I also am much more aware ... catching myself with my shoulders hunched and locking my lats.  Our time together was very valuable!
Karen R., PA

Linda, I would like you and others to know that these that you helped me with were helpful for me:

- Being able to get help at such short notice

- That the help was personalised according to my own individual problems areas, weaknesses and time restrains

- To be able to get such personalised help even though we live half a world away with no local T-Tapp support
- That I could get help for my husband also according to his needs, too

- Help with scheduling and what workouts to do and when to do them. Having confirmation that it's ok to 'freestyle' between workouts and enjoy the variety. And also to realise that Senior Fit plus the new floor dvd can be particularly helpful as I work on spinal alignment

- Helping me to understand on days and off days workout
Cathy, Australia

I am 55 years old and have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis that I control with diet (and NO medications!).  I started T-Tapp with Linda Osmond when she was still in training and found it manageable for me - no high impact, and I could wrap my head around it. The first result I noticed was that my balance got so much better.  It was great to be able to hike and bike with the new strength that I had gained.  I started personal training sessions with Linda again this year.   I now work on Senior Fit, which is even more manageable than the Basic Workout Plus which I did before.  I especially appreciate that the exercises are anti-inflammatory, and  I found that I am able to avoid knee pain in keeping my weight in my heels (as Linda tweaked for me). 
I tried to imitate the exercises from the DVD, but I find that it makes a huge difference when Linda corrects my posture and motivates me.   I can only recommend working with her.  Even my athletic daughters are supporting me in this. They decided to pay for some of my lessons! 
Marietta H., Active Senior, IL

Oh. My. Goodness. I had a Skype training session with Linda Osmond today and holy cow....every muscle in my body feels it. Wow!  :)
Krista P., LA

I am writing to put in a good word for my T-Tapp coach, Linda Osmond.  She has done a superb job in explaining all the routines/sequences clearly.  She had an amazing eye for detail and I would watch her often squint and look quickly around to see if everyone was doing it right.  If not, she would explain how to do it right or better and then if someone still didn't quite get it, she would take more time after the session with them.  She was great at remembering names and more importantly, which persons had health or physical limitations. She would kindly tell them a way to adjust the routine or position for their specific needs. 
She was consistent and persistent with not only us, but herself. I remember one week...she was in some pain but still coached us just the same, doing all the moves with us, setting a great example for us all. 
I appreciate how she truly had a heart for us and a true desire to see us each succeed and feel better. I wish and hope that everyone who tries out T-Tapp could have the same great experience that I had.
Sandra H., Homeschool Mom, IL

Linda is a patient and creative teacher, who customizes her sessions to the needs of the client.  I'm an experienced (five years) T-Tapper who has suffered occasional setbacks due to joint problems and chronic disease.  I wanted to improve the effectiveness of what I was already doing and develop a strategy for times when I might need to rehabilitate myself or compensate for physical weaknesses.  Linda and I spent four Skype sessions together over four weeks.  She evaluated my technique and told me what I was doing right, what I could improve or customize, and even a few places where I was trying too hard due to misunderstandings of the DVDs and book.  
I'm following Linda's instructions ever since we worked together, and my workouts have been revolutionized.  Our sessions were challenging.  I could feel myself engaging my muscles more.  She's given me enough ideas to keep me busy applying them for years, which is how long I plan on T-Tapping.
Diana M., NC

Because I am a very independent ..., it took me some time to consider signing up for a Skype training session with Linda. I am VERY glad that I did.  She was responsive to my initial inquiries.
I realized that some of the positions I was asked to do were likely affected by my corrective scoliosis surgery--hence, my spine 3/4 fused.  When Linda & I met for Skype, she was prepared, prompt, had ALL SORTS of notes both from our emails, and she even contacted Teresa Tapp directly to help get the best  advice for my specific body.  This made me feel cared about, which made all the difference to a person pretty darn discouraged with her efforts with weight loss, etc. 
She also listened first.  She could look objectively at my body, position, etc., have me try different things and we could evaluate on the spot.  We've altered my approach so my knees are feeling fine again. If you're considering a training session, just do it. 
Linda has recommended a different workout, more targeted for me and I'm eager to see it come in the mail this week, so I can get better results!
Ingrid, WI

I was doing BWO+ for months, but was not losing inches. I contacted Linda for help. Her recommendations helped me get the success I was looking for. I lost 13 inches in 3 weeks! I am so thrilled with my success, that I just had to share.  Linda is very easy to talk to and is a great listener.  I have done the (new) workout (she recommended).  I'm sure (her specific dietary advice) has helped a lot since I don't feel so bloated all the time. The (recommended supplement) is such a help to me too.  I look forward to working with her until all of my goals are met. 
Sherry A., AR

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help thus far.  Your attention to detail and ability to listen to my needs is wonderful.  I would have never known just how complex each movement is.  There is still so much for me to learn and I am glad you are on the journey with me.  I look forward to further deepening my knowledge of how to make this the most effective workout ever and finally get the results I want without injuring myself or pushing myself to ridiculous extremes as in other workout programs in the past.  Thank you again!
Monika G., CA

During my session with Linda, she helped me break down which T-Tapp workouts would be best for my body type and (discussed) how to incorporate them into my workout schedule. She also helped me so much with body alignment during our session; as a personal trainer and avid exerciser, I feel like have a good understanding of my body. She asked some specific questions and made some connections about my daily habits that were creating tightness in my shoulders. She also gave me some things to work on to relieve this tightness. I got so much out of our time together and am so glad I reached out to her for support! Brooke T., AR

Linda, I found you to be a delight. I found that I was making several mistakes. I needed the correction. Our Skype session was very informative and helpful. Thank you so much for helping me. You are very intelligent on the principles of T-Tapp. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I enjoyed our conversation.

Sherry C.

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