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T-Tapp Total System DVD ONLY $115.00! 

Barefoot Basic DVD (Retail $19.95)
Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD (Retail $19.95)
Total Workout Super Slow DVD (Retail $19.95)
Step Away The Inches DVD (Retail $17.95)
Finger And Foot Fitness DVD (Retail $19.95)
Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary (Retail $10.00)
Premium Blended Organic Non-GMO Alfalfa (Retail $23.75)
Fibertox (Retail $19.50)
Immune Boost Liquid Sublingual (Retail $19.95)
WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener (Retail $19.95)


The T-Tapp Total System includes the entire T-Tapp Total Workout and CRT Cellulite Removal & Skin Tightening System

This complete system utilizes Teresa Tapp's unique Cellulite Removal Techniques for fast and effective results.  The CRT Skin Tightening System consists of skin brushing with a particular body brush in a sequential pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to break up the clumps of fat (cellulite) underneath the skin.  Instead of skin creams, body-wraps, or elaborate machines that provide expensive, yet temporary results, the CRT Skin Tightening System works from within.  The body eliminates the cellulite and tightens the skin naturally!  This technique also works wonders for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight or for new mothers looking to tighten up excess loose skin.  The CRT Skin Tightening System combines supplementation with body brushing and takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete! 

ABC TV in Philadelphia called the T-Tapp Total Workout "The Workout that Works" for all ages and fitness levels. This total body workout has a special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movements that use isometric linear alignment along with lymphatic pumping to deliver higher aerobic, strength, flexibility and body sculpting - as well as rehabilitative benefits to shoulders, back, hips and knees.  Inches drop quickly since muscles are developed with density, not bulk, to cinch-in, uplift, tighten and tone.  The Total Workout also teaches how to increase intensity without adding weights or repetitions so you can always challenge your body and get results with only one set of 8 repetitions.  Less IS more with T-Tapp!  The Total Workout delivers a full body program that not only builds a better body with optimal fitness and wellness, but helps you keep it for the rest of your life.

The T-Tapp Total System comes with the following products:

T-Tapp Total Workout includes:

Instructional Workout #1: teaches how to do each exercise step by step with detailed instruction.

15-Minute Basic Workout Plus: includes all of the movements from Instructional Workout #1 done without instruction at the regular pace, plus the exercise Hoe Downs.

Instructional Workout #2: teaches how to do each exercise in the second half step by step with detailed instruction.

55-Minute Total Workout: includes all of the movements from both Instructional Workout #1 and Instructional Workout #2 done without instruction at the regular pace.

The CRT Skin Tightening System is a complete system utilizing Teresa Tapp's unique Cellulite Removal Techniques for fast and effective results.  The CRT Skin Tightening System consists of skin brushing with a particular body brush in a sequential pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to break up the clumps of fat (cellulite) underneath the skin.  Instead of skin creams, body-wraps, or elaborate machines that provide expensive, yet temporary results, the CRT Skin Tightening System works from within.  The body eliminates the cellulite and tightens the skin naturally!  This technique also works wonders for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight or for new mothers looking to tighten up excess loose skin.  The CRT Skin Tightening System combines supplementation with body brushing and takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete! 

T-Tapp's special body brushing program along with premium nutritional support is designed to help your body, help itself, inside and out. Not only will it help your skin tighten and tone, control of cellulite becomes possible!  Teresa's special pattern of body brushing "exercises" your skin, accelerates your body's ability to release toxins and improves your metabolism. Great for those with auto-immune disorders, CRT body brushing promotes healthy tissue with less inflammation. The DVD that shows you how to body brush also includes 3 unique exercises that can help you target trim inches away and decrease cellulite:  Hoe Downs on the floor, Diva Derriere and Pretzel Twist. 

The CRT Cellulite Removal & Skin Tightening System includes:

CRT Supreme Body Brushing DVD:

NEW CRT Supreme Body Brushing Program DVD with 3 bonus exercises! In addition to the Supreme Brushing Sequence and Moisturizing Skin Tips (available on digital streaming), this DVD also contains additional information and 3 NEW bonus exercises to tighten, trim and tone target areas of concern.  

  • HoeDowns on the Floor (aka "In/Out Sequence")
  • Pretzel Twist
  • Diva Derriere 

 CRT Body Brush: All natural plant fiber bristle brush.

CRT Brushing Sequence Brochure: Outlines the special body brushing sequence step by step.  Great for travel!

Premium Blended Organic Non-GMO Alfalfa: Alfalfa is one of the few plant sources of vitamin K. It's considered a "food", not an herb or vitamin and it's safe to take with any type of medication without side effects. Alfalfa also contains 8 digestive enzymes, numerous trace minerals (like calcium/magnesium) and high quantities of Vitamins A, D and E. Alfalfa is plant protein so it naturally assists the body in elimination of "puffiness" caused by water retention without depletion of body nutrients whether it be from excess carb consumption or hormonal during menstrual cycle. In fact, the American Dermatology Association clinically proved (published in May '99) that alfalfa reverses aging of the skin of the face (however, skin is ONE organ that covers the entire body, not just the face). That's because the nutrients in alfalfa enable the body to produce its own collagen to the level where skin can "tighten", varicose veins can lessen and dark circles under the eyes disappear. 

Alfalfa is also alkaline producing so it can help offset acid imbalance created from sugar, processed foods and/or meat. Our bodies NEED alkalinity - most of us are too acidic. Alfalfa has also been clinically proven to be anti-cancerous and as an effective anti-inflammatory without any side effects. Great for those with arthritis, joint injuries and/or muscle soreness from overuse. It really stimulates hair and fingernail growth too. 

Premium Blended Alfalfa from Better Body Basics is of optimal quality, organic and pesticide free but what really makes it special is the way it has been processed so nutrients remain in tact without any alteration to protein molecular properties. That's why you will not gain weight with Premium Blended Alfalfa. Additionally, the percentage of protein in Premium Blended Alfalfa is 25 to 27% (most good quality alfalfa is in range of 21-22%). Reason the Premium Blended Alfalfa is higher is because the crop is sprayed with ionic minerals during growth. Last of all, alfalfa can help the body with hormonal balance. Intake of alfalfa stimulates the Pituitary Gland, which in turn regulates hormone balance including internal release of Human Growth Hormone (shown in clinical studies at the National Institute of Health). You can read more about the many benefits of alfalfa on the Internet.

Our Premium Blended Alfalfa is safe for autoimmune diseases such as, Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's, etc. The main reason is because our brand does not have any seeds or sprouts.

Fibertox: A one-month supply of this all natural supplement, capsule form. This is a formulation of fiber and herbs that helps to get the toxins out of the body.  Ingredients: Psyllium, Licorice Extract, Hibiscus, Okra, Aloe Extract and Senna Extract.


Barefoot Basic Plus Workout DVD:  This DVD includes three workouts in one:  1.Barefoot Basic Plus Workout + Instruction: 45 minutes, 2. Barefoot Basic Plus Workout Only: 30 minutes, 3. Hoe Down Showdown 55: 45 minutes.  Although it is highly recommended to wear shoes while learning the Total Workout or doing any T-Tapp exercise that involves balance, this clinic workout teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation and safely do the Basic Workout Plus without shoes.  Application of these techniques can also be done while wearing shoes to increase intensity and effectiveness of ANY workout you do! 
Basic Plus Tempo Workout DVD: Teresa Tapp becomes your personal trainer. From her home to yours, she teaches the 15-minute Basic Workout Plus routine straight through without instruction at a smooth steady tempo for a total 18 minute routine. Great as a standalone workout or as a warm up to any workout of your choice. 

Total Workout Super Slow DVD: Total Workout Super Slow is a Master Level Educational Clinic that was filmed at a Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat. This workout includes most of the movements from the Total Workout done with 4 reps super slow and 4 reps at a moderate pace (Primary Back Stretch through Balance Sequence). Learn all the newest form tweaks and muscle activation techniques to maximize any T-Tapp workout! - 105 Minutes

Step Away The Inches DVD: Step Away the Inches is a core cardio, indoor walking workout that teaches T-Tapp techniques to maximize any walking program with a focus on inch loss rather than just weight loss. This is a total body workout and will deliver results from head to toe, plus it’s equivalent to walking about 2 miles! Step Away the Inches also contains instruction and form tips in addition to the workout. - 25 minutes

Finger And Foot Fitness DVD: Finger & Foot Fitness is a Master Level Educational Clinic filmed at a Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat which educates and demonstrates several movements for fingers and feet to help improve flexibility, lessen pain and decrease inflammation. Maintaining optimal function of fingers and feet is not only important for lymphatic function but also help your body lose weight easier and get fit faster. This DVD also has a special menu that allows you to choose exercises individually from both Finger Fitness and Foot Fitness sections. - 71 Minutes

Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary DVD:  Want to see the Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Documentary, but there are no showtimes in your area?  Enjoy the FULL Public Television Documentary, featuring a special 10-minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit.  

The Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Program explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness, and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon. "Our hormones control everything in our bodies -- sleep, body temperature, hunger, stamina -- but when we stop moving, it affects our hormones, especially when we hit the big 4-0!" says Tapp, "The key to rebuilding our health and turning back time is to use our muscles...and T-Tapp provides a safe, efficient, and fast way to help bring hormones back to balance.

Viewers will see how easy it is to just start moving and quickly it will make a difference. They'll also see that my unusual way of doing each movement exercises the entire muscle fiber, so you can quickly get long, lean, fit muscles -- no matter how old you are!"

WhiteBrite Teeth Whitener:  Helps to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Reverse nicotine, coffee, tea and red wine stains within 1 week just by spraying 2 times a day. This convenient purse size teeth whitener works to remove external tooth discoloration and leaves the mouth feeling fresh. All while killing germs on contact... a plus during the cold and flu season. Safe for veneers, braces, partials, dentures and bonding, plus does not remove tooth enamel! WhiteBrite contains Carbopol - an ingredient that protects your gums so they don't become inflamed or sensitive to cold or heat like other teeth whitening products.

Immune Boost Liquid Sublingual:  This special formula aids the body to help prevent a cold and/or shorten the duration of a cold.



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