Step Away Super Set

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$ 30.00
Step Away Super Set


Step Away Super Set

2 DVD set for $30.00


Want more cardio? Enjoy walking, but are not sure how to incorporate T-Tapp Techniques into your outdoor exercise activities? This set is for you! The Step Away Super Set is a great T-Tapp Variety Workout that you can add into your T-Tapp Workout routine. Step Away the Inches will teach you how to incorporate T-Tapp Method muscle activation into your daily activities so that even while you are not doing your workouts at home, you are still utilizing T-Tapp Techniques to lose inches in your day-to-day life. This set is a great value, giving you two workouts for the price of one!

In this set you will receive two workouts:
1. Step Away the Inches – Walking Workout (25 minutes) is a core cardio, indoor walking workout that teaches T-Tapp techniques to maximize any walking program with a focus on inch loss rather than just weight loss. This is a total body workout and will deliver results from head to toe, plus it’s equivalent to walking about 2 miles! Step Away the Inches also contains instruction and form tips in addition to the workout. (Retail $19.95)

2. Step it to the Max – Core Cardio Workout (50 minutes) Are you ready to take yourself to the next level? This walking workout is similar to Step Away the Inches, but contains more upper body movements and step/lift sequencing for increased core cardio concentration. In addition to detailed instruction with form tips, Step it to the Max also includes T-Tapp warm up and cool down stretches for comprehensive conditioning. Remember, fat burning continues through stretching and with Step it to the Max you'll feel the heat from start to finish! (Retail $24.95)



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