60 Day Inch Melting Sizzling Summer Challenge! with Renee McLaughlin

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60 Day Inch Melting Sizzling Summer Challenge! with Renee McLaughlin

The weather has heated up and it’s time to shed our excess clothes.  Are you ready to get yourself into “summer clothes” shape?


Even though you might really want to shed your excess winter fluff, do you tend to find yourself in “workout vacation” mode during the summer?


It can be tough to motivate yourself to get into a consistent workout routine during the summer months.  There’s no “official” 60 Day Challenge to keep you going and the thought of putting the same DVD’s in and mindlessly doing them just isn’t quite cutting it.


I have the perfect solution to help you melt away those excess fluffy inches and finally feel comfortable in your body!


This solution is perfect for you whether you are happy with your size but just want to tighten, tone and feel your best.  Or if you want to lose 3 or more sizes.   Or anywhere in between. 


Participating in this Challenge will:

  • Allow you to melt away the fluffy inches that just don’t seem to want to budge
  • Tighten up and tone your muscles.  Tightened, toned muscles take up much less space than fat so you will find yourself in smaller sizes even if your weight doesn’t change
  • Additional muscle will ramp up your metabolism so you’ll be able to eat just a little bit more without gaining more weight
  • Have more energy during the day.
  • Most women find they sleep so much better at night
  • Joint and other body pain can be significantly reduced
  • Many women find they hold their chiro adjustments better and don’t have to go as often
  • Improved blood sugar control – the movement we do in class are powerful little glucose gobblers. 
  • Find your whole body changing shape.  The movements we do use all the muscles that attach to the spine.  WE use these movements to create our own body spanx!
  • Gain mobility in stiff, tight joints allowing you greater freedom in movement
  • Flexibility will improve greatly due to all the stretching. 
  • Depression and anxiety will be reduced or even eliminated.

Mindful movement truly is medicine!!!!!  I’m here to dispense your RX!


Want to know the two biggest secrets to getting impressive results with T-Tapp??


Secret #1 – CONSISTENCY!!!!  I love to say “T-Tapp WORKS!  But YOU have to work T-Tapp!!!!”  I talk to so many women who do a boot camp (doing the workout anywhere from 4 to 14 days in a row) and when they don’t lose 2 sizes, they are disappointed and tell me T-Tapp didn’t work for them. 


Yes…it does work that quickly for a few women.  I can’t explain why it does for a few women but not for all of us.  There are just too many variables to account for this. 


But what I CAN tell you (this is coming from 18 years of experience working with hundreds of women) is everyone who stays with it and is consistent over time, not only loses inches but also re-shapes their body!  Along with all the other benefits that come along with it. 


When I say “consistency”, that term can mean different things to different people.  I am simply referring to choosing a certain number of days a week you are going to do your workout and then sticking to it.  If you get off track for a week…you get right back in the saddle. 


The only way T-Tapp won’t work for you is if you …don’t do it!  So you see…failure isn’t an option because as long as you keep doing it…there is no such thing as failure here. 

Ready for Secret #2?


Secret #2 – Learning how to do the workout with the best form possible and then constantly working on improving it!  There are so many little tips that can make the difference between getting inch loss results with this workout or just allowing it to help you feel better…which isn’t a bad thing!


Shelley sent me this email with her experience..


“I wanted to thank you so much for your recorded class package..  They have made such an awesome difference in my life that I've got to give you an unsolicited testimonial.  Let me start at the beginning.  I had been trying T-Tapp for a couple of years, but the most I could say about the experience is that I felt better after the workouts, though there was no real inch loss.  I couldn't figure out why, and thought that perhaps the results were for everyone else, but not me.  I was on the verge of giving up when I stumbled upon your coaching package on the T-Tapp website and figured that I'd give it one last try.  

I signed up at the beginning of April and was only able to do the recorded classes because of the hectic schedule that I keep.  Immediately, I saw that I was doing the exercises wrong.  Not just wrong, but very wrong.  And the issue is that I am short rib-to-hip and long knee-to-ankle.  The short rib-to-hip distance causes me to come untucked quite easily unless I keep focused on that aspect of the exercise.  And the long knee-to-ankle causes me to bend my knees too far out, going way beyond KLT if I don't pay close attention.  I would not have figured this out had I not purchased the package of classes, and I would have been continually discouraged at the lack of results.

Fast forward 30 days and I am so excited to tell you that for the first time ever, I lost 8 inches and I feel great.  The reason this loss is significant is because the loss was in the stubborn areas of my body, which are the abdomen, hips, and thighs.  The other reason this is significant is because I did not change my eating habits at all.  And all I did was three thirty-minute workouts each week.  Nevertheless, your superb instruction gave me the results I was looking for and all I can say is....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! “


So you see…form WITH consistency really does matter. 


Put these two success secrets to work FOR YOU!!!


Ready to put these two success secrets to work for YOU????  This Inch Melting Sizzling Summer 60 Day Challenge package has been designed to do just that!

Designed for consistency:

  • Enjoyable!  Wouldn’t it be easier to maintain consistency if you looked forward to your workouts?
  • Variety.  Every class is different.  While they each follow the same design, the moves and stretches vary from class to class.  This keeps you wanting to come back.
  • Don’t have a lot of time?  There are classes that are just 15 minutes!  Surely you can take 15 minutes in a day to move your body!
  • Don’t have time to go to a gym? You do these classes where ever you have a computer, laptop or iPad and an internet connection.  They are all recorded and on a website so you just go to that site, enter your private password and take the class you want to take that day!
  • You don’t even have to put on clothes or do your face.  Nobody is going to see you!

Here’s how it all works…


As soon as you register, you will get a Welcome email with links (and private passwords) to all the classes.  Immediately you’ll have access to the whole enchilada!


Page 1 – You’ll have 10 “50 minute standing only “classes AND 10 “50 minute combo classes” (Combo is 25 minutes standing and 25 minutes on the floor)

Page 2 – You’ll have 10 “30 minute standing only” classes AND “10   “30 minute combo classes”

Page 3 – You’ll have 10 “15 minute workouts”, 1 “20 minute workout”, 12 Floor classes, 10 walking classes, 2 Chair workouts

Page 4 - 12 Form tip classes


That’s 80 different classes to choose from!  Good bye boredom!!!!  Hello results!!


You will also receive a Success Journal where you prepare yourself for success.  Use the journal to set yourself up for ...SUCCESS.  


Start by taking your beginning measurements and pictures.  You want to have a baseline so you know where you are starting from.  Then each Sunday, you'll choose which days you will do your workout (along with how many minutes you have to do it).  On that set day, go to the page that has those workout options.  Pick a workout, do it and enjoy how this movement feels in your body.


At the end of the 60 days, take your measurements and pictures again.  Celebrate the success you've created!!!    


This is called a “60 Day Summer Challenge”, but how about if you actually get to enjoy all these classes for a full 90 days.  You’ll be able to use them all the way through August!!!!


You’ll get all of these 80 recorded classes to enjoy for the entire summer for just $147.00.


That is basically just $1.63 per class!!!!! 



No more procrastinating.  Reach out and grab the success you’ve been craving!


If you are ready to finally get the results you’ve heard other people getting but haven’t seen it yourself, don’t wait another minute.  Register and let’s get your T-Tapp on!!!!


Want more proof that these classes get results?  Here are just a few of the emails and social media posts I’ve received about these classes:


“I lost 5.75 inches this past week. That includes another 2 inches off my waist! That's an inch loss of 21.5 inches in three weeks. I am feeling stronger and more muscular in spots. I keep surprising myself at things I can do whereas before I felt too weak.”  Dc

The results that have eluded me for so many years with T-Tapp were because my form was all wrong, and I worst of all; I didn't know it. Fast forward to October of this year. I decided to go back to the basics of T-Tapp, which is do a boot camp. I enrolled in Renee's boot camp in October and I have been hooked ever since. I am "slow to lose", yet I see positive changes in my torso, thighs, pecs and jawline. Coming from my critical self, noticing these changes is huge! I can attest to the power of this boot camp, Renee's incredible teaching ability, this incredible T-Tapp exercise....and I can attest to the power of "showing up"! For the first time in my life, I have "shown up" on a consistent basis, Dreaming about results did not get me results. "Showing up" is working...:)  wm

“It was really strange, but since I'm a bit tired today, I was only going to focus on movement & form, not intensity.  Oddly enough, as soon as the video started, my body immediately went to the max!  After all my unsuccessful attempts to do a 15 minute workout on the weekends, I'm in shock I DID IT!  I did 12 workouts in 14 days, 2 of which were 50 minutes!!  Thank you so much for a great (and doable!) program.”  Elle

“I didn't take pictures or measurements when I started this chapter as I have a huge collection of "before" photos and measurements but not as much follow through.  I sold myself short. You really have such a knack for this! The way you eased into each day and were so very supportive and never critical, it's super motivating. My clothes are fitting better and the scale has moved in the direction I'd like for the first time in weeks! “ Kris

I am LOVING the recorded ones. I didn't measure myself before starting last week, but I know that there are definite changes, especially through the trunk of my body.  My mobility, in general, is improved - my upper arms actually feel like they belong to me :)    - and I am more aware of my posture. This is going to be the best October EVER!”  Marie

I went to measure this morning and can't find the paper I wrote my measurements on - too funny! Oh, well, it really doesn't matter as I am feeling much better in myself and the jeans I wore to work today closed up easier [no tugging or pulling :-) ] and my belt went to the next hole (one more notch and it will be what it was in my "other" life, when I was an expat).  I keep raving about you and your classes; I'm sure my work colleagues and friends are ready to tape my mouth shut! ;-)”  Laurie

“I'm so excited about this offering.  I love the shorter workouts and variety (I agree 20 minutes isn't quite enough because I love the stretching).  I have to share my 7 day inch loss.  I lost 19 inches in 7 days!!!!!!  2 in my abs, 1.5 in waist and hips!!!!  Unbelievable”  Kathy

“I lost half an inch from my hips, half an inch from my belly button, and about an inch from each upper thigh and the measurements around my chest shifted. I also have loads more energy and definitely have a morning exercise habit now, off to do one of the recordings :)  AS

“I really appreciate that you aren't just doing workouts, but that you are very aware of our fitness journey and needs as a group as well as our personal challenges.  The perfect work out schedule that so many are in search of is simple--just sign up with Renee!”  PC

I think you get the idea.  These classes get RESULTS!!!!

 If you are ready to be your own success story, this is what you have been waiting for. 

 One of the Ladies called me the T-Tapp Whisperer.  I love teaching this workout and I KNOW how to help you get results.  Come workout with me.


If you have any questions about this package or about taking these classes, please feel free to either call me (Renee) at 678-522-8056 or email me at Renee@healthcoachforsuccess.com

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