60-Day Full Challenge Program with Trainer Anna

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$ 85.00
60-Day Full Challenge Program with Trainer Anna

60 day challenge – T-Tapp is part of my life program

60 day challenge runs through February 15 till April 15th 

What will you get in this program?

  • closed Facebook group
  • weekly webinar with tips and help for better results and answering questions
  • Tips and tricks how to stay motivated and consistent
  • weekly mini challenges with mini prizes
  • 8 online training via Skype or Zoom
  • tips how to use the free YouTube videos to add to your workout routine.
  • 3 workout schedules using the Total, Hit the floor, walking workouts.

This program is for you if you know what you want but

  1. you need support
  2. you need motivations
  3. you need help
  4. you need momentum to keep going
  5. you need a pre planned workout schedule so you know what to do on each day.

Price:  $85

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