60-Day Challenge Small Steps to SUCCESS with Trainer Trisch

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60-Day Challenge Small Steps to SUCCESS with Trainer Trisch


It's 60 Day Challenge time!


Typical scenario:  Get excited!  Get workout plan.  Stay focused and consistent for 60 days.  And when the Challenge is over.....consistency and motivation seem to be over, too.


Or there's this one:  Get excited!  Get workout plan. First detour.  Get back on plan.  Another detour.  Try to get back on plan. Get discouraged.  Quit.


And then there's this one:  Get excited! Get workout plan. Realize it's too much for the adrenals.  Crash.  Pull out of slump.  Push too hard again.  Crash. Give up.


Would you like to get a plan and support in place for the 60 Day Challenge that not only carries you through but also beyond the Challenge?


Welcome to Small Steps to Success!


Small Steps to Success is an online course that not only will help you stay focused during the Challenge (yes, even when those detours hit!), but will help create a doable pace you can sustain long-term.


I am committed to help you WIN at CONSISTENCY and FOCUS for RESULTS!


I know firsthand how life can throw things at you that get you off your planned course. It's just so hard to get back on the path. You feel behind and discouraged— like there's really no use because you'll never catch up and get your rhythm back.  I also understand feeling great because I AM working my plan, losing inches and feeling great....then the excitement of reaching the goal is gone and life gets busy and takes over, pushing consistency off to the side. 


With thyroid and adrenal issues, I unfortunately also know the frustration of just not being able to do much. So what's the use of doing a Challenge?  I can help you pace yourself to find that sweet spot of enough movement for results without too much to crash and burn!


I don't want to just help you win the 60 Day Challenge, sweet as that would be!  I want to help you BEAT the “challenges” that come up and as well as the biggest challenge of all--staying consistent through and beyond the Challenge to maintain your hard-won results!



Here's the plan:


Small Steps to Consistency in 5 Key Areas


  • Workouts
  • Water
  • Brushing
  • Eating
  • Postivite Self-Talk



PLUS --you get all this, too!


  • Facebook group for support, asking questions, motivation and accountability
  • Small group for more attention, guidance and focus
  • Accountability—I WILL come looking for you if you go too long without checking in!
  • Figuring out your true “why” and getting laser focused to keep you on course for the Challenge and beyond
  • Classes every other week focusing on moves, techniques and form questions that come up in the group, with recording access throughout the Challenge
  • Safe and positive environment to pursue your goals
  • Encouragement to reassess and gentle guidance to move forward when you hit a wall, whether physically or emotionally
  • Help for those with health issues or adrenal issues to pace themselves and find their “sweet spot” without crashing
  • Pre-made schedules and access to Bonus Focus tips to key moves from several workouts
  • FREE download of my e-book Fatigued to FABULOUS


I am limiting space in this course to be able to help you get laser focused on your goals and help you course correct as we journey through the 60 Day Challenge together.  We are going to keep things simple and layer consistency in each area—not try to do it all at once!


One of my strengths is taking moves and breaking them down into doable portions to get the most muscle activation out of them.  Veteran T-Tapper or newbie, boundless energy or adrenal-challenged, if you want to maximize your muscle activation to optimize form and results, this is the program for you!


Ready to meet and exceed your Challenge and consistency goals? 


60 Day Challenge Small Steps to SUCCESS! 

2 ½ months of Master Trainer support, laser focus, encouragement, instruction, tips, classes, recordings, accountability and consistency--  Over $300 value for $175!


Once you register, please e-mail me your confirmation e-mail and I will add you to the private Facebook group. I will start adding to participants to the group on February 13 so we can get to know each other before diving in!   You will also have access to the group until April 30 to help keep that momentum going before flying solo! 


Class recordings will also be available until April 30.


Questions?  You can contact Trisch at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com

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