60-Day Challenge Online Guide with Trainer Gergana

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$ 349.00
60-Day Challenge Online Guide with Trainer Gergana

A guide to achieving your best self while keeping your sanity

60 Days to feel and look vibrant and healthier!  

Do you consider yourself a successful person in many areas of your life BUT when you come to your own health and weight management you feel completely lost?

Do you wonder how that is possible that you cannot take control over your health and wellbeing while you can obviously manage successfully all the other domains of your life?

Do you know what to eat and how to exercise BUT simply you do not do it? Maybe you know well some of those reasons…

It is because you do not have enough time…

Or you lack clear guidelines…

Or you need simple tips to make it fit into your already busy day...

Maybe at some days you have enough time but there is no any willingness to move up from the coach and get moving…

Or you ate too much last night and there is no exercise in the world that can compensate for that…

Maybe you do not want to move out from your home to go to the gym…

Or you have a family at home and there is no one who can take care of themselves while you take care of yourself…

Or simply because you are tired and just want to be left alone again…

Did you see yourself somewhere between these lines? Are you not tired of that situation and ready to find a solution? Do you need more of a health and lifestyle coach than just a trainer?

Then welcome aboard!

This program is designed especially for you – an A-type, hard-working, high-achieving, intelligent woman, who knows what to do but somehow cannot make herself follow some simple rules and just do it!

I know pretty well what I am talking about – been there, done that myself. I remember not having enough hours in the day to finish what I had to before I simply shut myself off for the night. Then woke up on the next day and run the vicious cycle again. Day after day. I hardly could find time to sleep, let alone move or eat healthy. Worse, I did not find any motivation to do any of that. Even if I did, it lasted only a day or two.

I ran myself down multiple times until I finally found the working solution – you have to address a lot of different things in order to become your best, at mind, body and spirit.

I know what busy mean – I work full time teaching pilots and maintenance personnel how to manage their sleep, stress and fatigue levels in order to work and live better. They have one of the most stressful jobs in the world and are pretty sure what fatigue and lack of time really mean.

In addition to my full time job, I have private sessions and run seminars and workshops on healthy and balanced lifestyle for other busy people who know a lot but struggle with applying it.

Too many people focus on the outer view and forget to look inside of their own body. You cannot get your ideal body if you neglect your stress management or sleep needs. Also, you cannot address your stress levels if you eat whatever you eat, wherever you find it. And most important, you cannot balance yourself if you do not move your body or work on your emotions. You have to learn to work with and appreciate every aspect of your mind, body and spirit if you want to live a happy and abundant life.

One additional thing, you cannot achieve our goals and manifest your dreams if you do not show gratitude to what you have here and now and raise your energy to a higher spiritual level. For many people it is easier said than done. For others it is just a vague thing.

This course will give you practical tips and HOW TOs to actually do it. My tool case is full of practical, easy to apply and use daily steps that will help you reduce your stress, control your cravings, express gratitude, love and adopt a spiritual approach, sleep better and most important – feel and look vibrant and healthier!  

If this sounds good to you I invite you to join me at this 8-week course, starting Monday, 13 and ending with the 60-Day Challenge.

It is designed to address all the basic principles of good health and balanced life in order to get you closer to your better self, both physically and emotionally.

The course works with any kind of diet plan that you are following or any T-Tapp DVDs that you already have. We all have our own bodies and issues and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I will show you how to work with the body and life you have!

Details of what will you learn are below, but what is most important is that you will be able to apply the tips right off your computer.

The course consists of nine modules. All of them will be covered with a video or webinar, there will be daily and weekly tasks, as well as an online group trainings. I have some special bonuses for the first five participants and bonuses for all other participants.

What will you get?

  • Powerful and motivational weekly videos or webinars on the topic of the week (total of nine).

They will empower you to identify your personal issues and beliefs that keep you away from applying the principles of good health into your day, and will help you to overcome them.

For your convenience you can keep the webinar forever! It will be recorded!

  • 45-minute weekly online group trainings that are good for all levels of fitness enthusiasts (total of six).

They will be recorded, you can do them as much as you want and at your own pace afterwards.

  • EFT scripts for the different topics (total of eight).



  • Personal training schedule based on the DVDs you already own
  • Discount on the DVDs purchases through me
  • Private Facebook group to find support, share progress and get ideas
  • Weekly Q&A personally answered by me
  • Nutritional recommendations

Special bonus

First 5 people that join me will get a private 30-minute online session!


This fantastic group coaching costs only $349! It is actually less than the price of two coffees per day.  Normally, it would be $499 but the 60-Day Challenge is a very special time of the year to me thus, I offer a great discount.

And not only that, but the first five participants will get also a free 30-minute online session with me as a special bonus.

Detailed program

Mark your calendars!

Video modules on Mondays – dates and topics

February 13 - In the welcome module we will talk about what is important for you to know about the challenge.

February 20 - In the first module we will talk about exercise and how to set it in your busy schedule.

February 27 - In the second module we will talk more about the proper nutrition and what that’s means to you.

March 6 - In the third module we will address stress and there will be tips on stress management.

March 13 - In the fourth module we will dive deep into sleep.

March 20 - In the fifth module it is time to get some rest and will talk more about why rest is important.

March 27 - In the sixth module we will get back to the body again and will talk about fascia, supplementation and dry brushing.

April 3 - In the seventh module we will talk more about pain and how to overcome it.

April 10 - And finally, in the eight module we will wrap up everything in some simple rules and routines that you can use at any time or period of your life. It is time for the final measurement as well.


Mark your calendars!

Online group trainings on Saturdays, 11:30 am, Eastern Time – dates and focus!

February 25 – Get the basics right - focus on the upper body

March 4 - Get the basics right - focus on the lower body

March 11 – Work your core

March 18 – Meet your lats

April 1 – Cinch that waist

April 8 – Work your abs

What you will need:

You need a good internet connection, Skype, webcam, and a microphone. Skype is a free and very easy to use program, please practice using it in advance if it is new to you.

Upon signing up you will receive further information for the course.

Cancellation Policy:

Life happens to all of us. The program comes with One Month Money Back guarantee. We know you will love the program but just in case are not satisfied, let us know and we will give your money back no questions asked within 30 days of your purchase.

About your trainer

Gergana Radovich is pаssionate about helping people who are overstressed, fatigued and unhappy to find their true self and balance their mind and body. As an Aviation Human Factors Specialist she knows that every part of the body is important for the overall wellbeing – mind and physical body go hand in hand. T-Tapp connects the two in a beautiful way. Gergana’s mission is to share her knowledge with others so they can achieve their best. She teaches both live and online T-Tapp workshops and classes, as well as other health related topics.

Gergana is one of the Master T-Tapp trainers. She holds a Master degree in Aerospace Engineering and Cognitive science, as well as certificates for Psych-K Facilitator and an Advanced EFT Practiotioner.

Gergana lives with her husband in Sofia, Bulgaria. They share a common pаssion for travel, photography and tasty food. 

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