3-in-10 Workout Class Package with Trainer Trisch SALE!

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$ 47.00
3-in-10 Workout Class Package with Trainer Trisch SALE!

In dealing with adrenal issues, I have learned to split workouts up. I also found that some of the “later moves” in a workout usually got the least of my focus and stamina! By splitting them up I was able to rotate through the workouts and get more out of them.

I have done this for myself, for clients, for classes and the 3-move schedules are always popular! Because of this, I jokingly call myself the Queen of Splitting Workouts!

Now YOU can benefit from recorded class packages where I go through 3 moves at a time through a workout—keeping the classes around 10 minutes! 3-in-10!

Even if you don't have health or stamina issues, rotating through the workout this way will open your eyes to more form focus, alignment and activation!

These classes are not instructional, more tempo-style, yet not as fast-paced as the dvds/digital workouts. I share plenty of cues and tips as we go—so you'll still be activated and sweating!

What’s Included?

  • Alignment tips for the T-Tapp stance 
  • How to make kickouts more effective
  • Primary Back Stretch Instructional (specific to each workout)
  • 10 classes of 3 moves each, around 10 minutes or less

You can do these classes without owning the workout, but you will get more out of the classes if you have gone through the instructional of the respective workout. Each class starts with Primary Back Stretch or an abbreviated version of it from that workout.

Whether it's lack of stamina or time, or you want to focus a bit more on form and activation, let me be your trainer in the 3-in-10 workout package of your choice!

Choose your 3-In-10 Package!

  • Basic Workout
  • Healthy Hormones 
  • MORE

3-in-10 Workout classes—12-14 classes in each package—LIFETIME ACCESS for $47!

Want all THREE?! Purchase ALL 3 Packages for $115!!! 

Please forward your purchase confirmation e-mail to me at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com and let me know what workout(s) you want for your video class package(s). 

Classes will be available Monday, December 2.

Please Note: Classes are streaming recorded video class packages and are hosted on my site on Teachable. You will receive access information when you register. You will need internet connection to access the classes. 

Questions? Contact Trisch Richardson at trisch@beyouthfulnfit.com

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