21-Day Propelling Forward Inch-Sizzling Summer Challenge

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$ 37.00
21-Day Propelling Forward Inch-Sizzling Summer Challenge

Join this empowering and one-of-a-kind live challenge team with Master T-Tapp Trainer, health & wellness coach Jennifer Kathlyn Kent and a team of amazing women from around the world!

Today's world is busy, stressful, fast-moving and with so much information on health, nutrition and exercise, it's overwhelming to figure out what to do, what to eat, which exercise and how to do it all.

Our team's challenge will empower you to simplify, yet maximize your full energy potential and get back to the true you by implementing powerful strategies of wellness for total success!

What can you expect? More energy, inch-loss, tightening & toning, less stress, a feeling of empowerment, fun & friendships!

Come Experience 21-day Propelling Forward Challenge that will have you feeling & looking your best for summer while getting back to you and living the life you want!


So ask yourself....


  • Am I ready to ditch your “Winter Fluff” and turn my body into a fat-burning, inch-blasting machine?
  • Do I want to tighten and tone my mid-section, arms, inner & outer thighs plus more while having such a busy life?
  • How would it feel to regain energy and alleviate stress and pain?
  • Imagine the feeling of being confident again and most importantly, moving forward on my personal health and wellness journey.
  • Do I want to have the training and coaching with a wellness coach and Master T-Tapp Trainer who has walked the walk herself for just $37 for the entire month?

You are joining a team of like-minded, supportive and awesome women! Maybe you're redesigning your life and want to implement all the wellness challenge parts or  perhaps just want to just us for the daily live T-Tapp movement training? The choice is yours and either way, you will be amazed at the awh-ha's as we propel forward!


When: August 6th – August 28th  (prep days August 6-8, challenge start August 8)

Please register with a valid email to receive your link to our private facebook group where live sessions will

Time: Live 8:00 AM CST daily 15-20 minutes with challenges & T-Tapp movement training, coaching, challenge pieces, encouragement, support and if you can believe it, fun & laughter!

Because this is real-time and real-life (it will be fun with surprises), some times may change and will be posted on rare occasions.

Don't worry if you can't make all the live times, all recordings are posted immediately afterwards so you can watch at a time that works best for you! (and re-watch throughout the challenge), as a bonus the videos will stay up for an extra week following the challenge.

Fee:  $37

Where:  In the privacy of your home or office via our private Facebook group

Don't Delay, Join Us Today!


Thank you again for doing the One-Move-a-Day Facebook group! I have truly appreciated what you have done for me and all the people in the group. I am so happy that you have kept it real. Much love from Pittsburgh. Jodi S.


I loved the concept of the March into a Summer Body Challenge with Master Trainer Jennifer Kent, especially when I read ‘ditch the winter fluff’ line. Little did I know the fluff ditching went beyond the physical body. I was thrilled when I realized it also helped with ditching the mental fluff!! Not only did I have more energy, I noticed more mental clarity along with better focus and concentration. I have issues with depression, which in the past has set in by this point however, so far so good. This workshop also helped me become aware of and work toward correcting many bad habits I developed over the years of doing T-Tapp on my own. It was also great motivation to do at least a little something each day, which often turned into more once I got started. Thanks Jennifer!! Tracy M

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