14-day T-Tapp Dance Team Pre-Holiday Inch-Blasting BootCamp!

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14-day T-Tapp Dance Team Pre-Holiday Inch-Blasting BootCamp!

14-day T-Tapp Dance Team Pre-Holiday Inch-Blasting BootCamp!


How did a T-Tapper of 20 years and Master T-Tapp Trainer WellnessJen just lose 15 lbs? 


By discovering, creating and experiencing the most powerful combination... the T-Tapp method combined with inch-blasting, anti-aging, stress-reducing, brain enhancing, fun & expressive Dance!


Your host is Jennifer Kent, T-Tapp of 20 years, Master T-Tapp trainer personally trained by Teresa Tapp, Women's Wellness Coach, Divine Radiance creator, real woman, and your friend.


So come experience for yourself while having fun and dumping not only the inches but stress and body fat while increasing our happy hormones with brain and body health!


And the best part - becoming empowered on your wellness journey by joining a team of incredible, real women experiencing these real results together!


What to expect:


  • Four dance sessions with several individual movements and detailed instruction including modifications followed by the dance session incorporating all.
  • Modifications from one movement all the way to the full dance movement session so you choose what works for you.
  • 14-days of live interaction, watch-party and Q & A
  • Bonus day for rest or catch up and women's wellness strategies
  • Opportunity to become a founding member
  • Team feedback session



 When: Orientation - October 14th & 15th

 Classes start and run from October 16th through October 30th   

 Live sessions vary: 8 AM CST,  12 PM CST,  5 PM CST, 8 PM CST

 Please provide a valid email for contact instructions


If you are experiencing financial hardship, partial scholarships may be available. Please contact Jen at


If you would like to help support our scholarship fund: Donate today!


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