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T-Tapp MORE Rehab Program Level 2

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T-Tapp MORE Rehab Program Level 2

T-TAPP MORE - LEVEL 1 was originally created to offer a comprehensive rehabilitative program for people of size who have more weight to lose or health issues that limit their ability to exercise and improve health.  Teresa believes that no dream is ever out of reach and that the human body is an amazing machine that can regenerate and repair itself so it's never too late to rebuild fitness and health.  That, along with her passion to educate and elevate, is one of the reasons why she says Yes You Can throughout each and every workout!

Regardless if you are a person of size or a T-Tapper that just wants to learn how to increase intensity and effectiveness with greater T-Tapp muscle activation, MORE-LEVEL 2 will not disappoint.    

What's on T-TAPP MORE - LEVEL 2?

T-TAPP MORE - LEVEL 2  contains an instructional workout for MORE-2, MORE-2 without instruction and 3 Variety Workouts: CHAIR, Steppin' WALK and BROOM.  T-Tappers, Bobbi Tribble and Denise Hentze, join Teresa in the 45-minute instructional and 25-minute workout to teach a special sequence of mindful movement with lots of muscle activation tips that can help you build better neuro-kinetic (brain-body) connection.  The other three workouts,  CHAIR, Steppin’ WALK and BROOM,  can be done in rotation for variety or in combination since each of them take less than 10 minutes to complete.

T-TAPP MORE - LEVEL 2  also features a special new workout with Teresa and Berei (our 85 years young Senior Fit star) with several exercises from the much anticipated Brain-Body Fitness Senior Fit Program that is scheduled for release in September 2012.  The special sequence and muscle activation techniques taught within this 1-hour brain-body workout will help boost heart health and lymphatic function to a whole new level!   

Workout Breakdown:

  • Instructional Workout: 45 min
  • Workout (without instruction): 25 min
  • CHAIR: 9 min
  • Steppin' WALK: 8 min
  • BROOM: 7 min
  • Workout with Teresa and Berei: 1 hr



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