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Ladybug Super Set

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Ladybug Super Set

Your Ladybug Super Set contains two special T-Tapp workouts designed to help you release and balance hormones, help you regain control and prevent or lose hormonal weight gain, help you lose inches where you want and help you create a body in balance inside and out.


Ladybug Workout DVD:  The special sequence of mindful movement within The Ladybug Workout is designed to increase neuro-kinetic and lymphatic flow so your body can establish better balance between glucose, insulin and estrogen, increase metabolic function, decrease inflammation, eliminate stored toxins and accelerate your body's ability to cinch-in from rib to hip. Dubbed "Ladybug" because it helps you target, trim and tone the stubborn "ladybug" area (thicker waist, torso, abdomen, back and butt) that often spreads during menopause.  This workout improves both your body's processing of carbohydrates and metabolic function, as well as hormone balance.

Total Workout Super Slow DVD:  This workout gives you all the key movements from the Total Workout, Teresa's 45-minute complete workout, plus more. You'll do each move with 4 repetitions super slow and then 4 repetitions at a moderate pace.  Because you'll take more time for each move, Teresa will help you feel the difference and she gives you extra pointers for better form, body alignment and specific muscle activation techniques to help you maximize your results. 
*Designed for all ages, all body types, and all fitness levels.
Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary DVD:  Want to see the Healthy Hormones Brain Body Fitness Documentary, but there are no show times in your area?  Enjoy the FULL Public Television Documentary, featuring a special 10-minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit.  

The Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Program explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon. "Our hormones control everything in our bodies -- sleep, body temperature, hunger, stamina -- but when we stop moving, it affects our hormones, especially when we hit the big 4-0!" says Tapp, "The key to rebuilding our health and turning back time is to use our muscles...and T-Tapp provides a safe, efficient, and fast way to help bring hormones back to balance.

Viewers will see how easy it is to just start moving and quickly it will make a difference. They'll also see that my unusual way of doing each movement exercises the entire muscle fiber, so you can quickly get long, lean, fit muscles -- no matter how old you are!"

More Than A Workout Seminar DVD:  During this 90 minute seminar, Teresa Tapp explains how and why her T-Tapp Method of muscle and fascia activation is so effective with only one set of 8 repetitions or less and how T-Tapp Workouts progressively improve strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness and bone density without equipment or impact. (Retail Value $19.95)


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